Unleash Your Creativity As A Skill


Are you creative? Do you know “Creativity as a skill” in you can bring wonder in your career?

Okay, let’s understand this way.

Secretaries manage things. Dentists remove cavities. Doctors’ job is to check up a person and suggest medications. Right? You must be wondering what I am up to?

But here is a point.

You prefer to go to a doctor who is sweet and takes out time to resolve your doubts. You would like to visit a dentist who is pleasant and talks to you. Would you appoint a secretary who is upbeat and manages time well or someone who loses control every time a difficult situation occurs? You like to stay in touch with a friend who understands you, helps you and reciprocates your feelings of staying in touch.

You have a reputation and image of being an artist/mechanic etc. but it amounts little if you don’t go well with others. And we have definitely come across such souls in our life.

This is where the concept of soft skills come!

Few beings are born with it and few develop them with time. They are not measurable by some exam or a test. Soft skills are visible when someone talks, completes a task or I can say in everything they do. They are sometimes known as ‘transferable skills’. These are a set of interpersonal skills which include social skills, positive attitudes or any other skill that can be attributed to one’s personality. It is a person’s approach to work, relationships, and life. Hard skills are job-specific and play a vital role in handling work but soft skills make your lifestyle better and affect your overall life.

The irony is that people find it more difficult to build up soft skills but this does not say that they can’t be taught or are impossible to learn.

Imagine you own a company of something, say tube light. You found an excellent technology which reduces the power it takes to work and thus reducing the electricity bill of individuals using it. You market it extensively and creatively, earning a lot of profit. Some other company also develops a better technology competing yours.

But they fail to sell it.

Now, technology is the hard skill and marketing it well is a soft one. You may reach the door of your destination through your hard skills but you need the soft ones to enter that door.

They are often undervalued and ignored. Far-less training is given for them as it is assumed that people already have them. But that is not the case.

Further in this article, we are going to talk and understand one of the most important soft skill-creativity.

How can you improve your soft skills? 

  • Choose a soft skill and practice

You can pick a soft skill of being a good leader and practice it consistently by being kind and not bossing around.

  • Observe others and mimic 

You may observe that people with good decision making power first think, write down their points in some specific way and then continue. You may observe all the details and incorporate this habit in your own life.

  • Set higher goals

Think big they say. Set higher goals and ask for constructive criticism from your friends. Accept and learn. You may prioritize a soft skill depending on your job. Hustle hard.

  • Where there is a will, there is a way

Don’t just sit back and wait for things to happen. Find sources from where you can learn. They are various online courses or books to develop your soft skills.

Now, let’s focus on a soft skill which is very vital in jobs today.


Analyzing 50,000 professional skills by LinkedIn, it was discovered that the most in-demand soft skill for a job in 2019 was creativity. Even when analyzed both hard and soft skills, creativity was the second most required skill, first being a hard skill. This has been retained in 2020 as well.

This has driven creativity into the spotlight and now it is very important to check it out. It is believed that creativity and productivity go hand-in-hand and that is the reason that jobs are searching for creative people.

What is creativity as a skill?

It is not related to some art! It is about taking the road which is less taken and about delivering quality results. Creativity can solve problems and difficulties no one can and do it innovatively. It is about creating something new and valuable. The art of creativity is about thinking out of the box. It is about being different and real.

Why are jobs looking for it?

Because of one simple reason, it is considered that creative people can find new avenues to expand the business as they are curious, open-minded, learn from others and always ready for taking calculated risks. They are mentally flexible and innovative in their approach.

Few people believe that creativity is innate i.e., you are born with it. However there is also a belief that it can be learned as it is not a talent, it is just a frame of mind. It is just a habit that can be taught and exercised.

Creative Thinking Techniques


Debate and find relevant answers to a question. This is the most common technique.


You can create situations that look for soft skills as a way to manage and thus lean through it.


You just postulate that working seven days in a specific month would make your company reach an aim. However, you have no intention of doing so. It just gives a push to the employees’ creative thinking and they work hard so that they don’t have to work more.

How can you enhance your creativity as a skill?

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Be open to new ideas. Even when you can’t get it for the first time, think about it after some time.

Have an open mind to novelty

Let your mind wander. Make unrealistic connections and find incredible ideas. Don’t stop, keep wandering.

Be open to risks

Don’t let failures stop you. Pave a new path and never stop. Failures are just building blocks to success. Don’t let them scare you.


Have an open mind and open eyes. Just observe every little thing and you will be one step ahead in being creative.

Unlock creativity across your company

Jam sessions

Let all people jam together irrespective of the department they work under. Once they debate and start looking for new developments, they will come close to it.

Design thinking

This has helped companies find a creative solution to resolve the problems faced by customers. In this process, a person is required to use empathy to find creative ideas.

Creativity and Customers

Let your employees’ integrate creativity and handling customers. Allow them to manage the customer in their creative ways and let them be themselves.

Personalization is the answer!

Why do you think we like to visit doctors who are nice and approachable? It is because of one simple reason that with science, they add a little of their nature and personality.

A study proves that today 70 % of creative minds conclude that personalizing data across the customer journey but just 28 % of the company thinks that they are excelling at this. With more and more competition, companies of any kind need content that is highly personalized with respect to the nature of the company and relevant to the time. Thus, personalization is the key.

Can growing technology replace human creativity?

This unchecked growth in technology and overall modernization has led to many artists, writers, etc. thinking of the threat it poses to them. Technology can be far better at delivering results and managing everything in the deadline.

But it cannot compete with handling customers.

In today’s world, some apps do that but they can never build an emotional connection or a mental bond with the customers and that is the main differentiating factor among the companies. What helps in competing with a bigger brand is a very successful customer base and thus tech cannot be a threat to the human mind and its creativity as a skill.

Be creative and if you are not, try to be one. Make small steps and success is not far.




  1. The seeds of creativity lives in everyone and everyone can enhance their creativity skills. Really inspiring. Keep sharing

  2. Creativity is the most usefull skill of everyone.Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment.It is very usefull skill.

  3. Content is quite informative as it is necessary for all of us to work on creativity skills. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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