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What is education? Can CSR be related to education? Is it just going to school from standard A to standard Z? Or Is it a luxury to be enjoyed by a select few?

We at Edu4Sure don’t restrain ourselves with this narrow meaning of education. We broaden our horizons and go by the literal meaning of education i.e. the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction.

How does it help? It helps people who have never received the “conventional” form of education i.e. schooling. These include people who never went to school, who dropped out, or who didn’t understand the things taught in schools.

It also helps the people who have received formal theoretical education but need more practical education that simplifies their lives.

I mean, I have never used the Pythagoras theorem after school. If someone taught me how to do my taxes or plan my monthly budget or how to use the internet effectively, I would be better off.

And hey, I am a postgraduate.

Think of the farmers in India, think of the homemakers, and the underprivileged. Wouldn’t they be better off if educated? If not in the conventional sense, then only in the literal sense, in aspects that improve their daily lives?

Edu4sure is built on one such block. Not educating some, but educating all. Not only conventionally, but also literally.

Three are ways in which we do it

1. Financial Literacy

We often see in movies how a poor farmer borrows money from a rich landlord for his daughter’s wedding. Then he ends up losing his land and livestock to the cheating landlord. Unfortunately, unlike in the fictitious movies, these events aren’t. Even in today’s India!

We as a team apply CSR in education at Edu4sure by giving the rural populace an arsenal of financial education to protect against such exploitation. We teach them about simple yet useful things such as making their monthly budgets, financial planning, interest calculation, microfinance for small borrowers like themselves and various government schemes that can aid them.

Edu4sure does the same with women. In many households, women plan budgets. In families living below the poverty line, it becomes crucial to plan every tiny expense.

We also give them social literacy in addition to financial literacy. This sensitizes them of the injustices happening to and around them. We tell them about their rights and remedial measures to end such horrors. Do you want to know more about What Is Financial Literacy Program And Why Is It Important?

2. Business Literacy

Have you ever imagined what options a person is left with who didn’t go to school at all or had to drop out? In today’s age, even a sweeper needs to be educated until a certain standard. So think about the jobs an uneducated person is left with. He can never imagine working in the formal sector.

The first step is developing a skill using which he can make money. We provide such individuals a plethora of options to choose from. CSR in education paves them a perfect platform. 

This also extends to women who can be empowered an independent after developing this skill set.

As a logical follow up we provide these skilled people business literacy. This starts right from coming up with a business idea that solves customer problems, budgeting till advertising it, and making money out of it.

This also helps underprivileged kids in school. Those who drop out to support their families by doing odd jobs or who can’t pay for education anymore. This literacy keeps them in school due to the side income they can earn from doing a small business, which they can later expand as per their wish.

We don’t just stop at literacy. We understand that a business requires initial capital and we help them raise this capital by our network of funders.

3. Digital Literacy

If you are reading this, you understand where I’m going. Can you imagine a world without the internet?

I remember not having a computer or access to the internet until 2007. My world was simple, yet constrained. My overall development started when I learned how to use Google search.

With mobile and internet penetration in India increasing every month due to affordable connectivity, not many are going to be offline for long. Just this doesn’t call for celebration.

Do we expect an uneducated person to use the internet effectively?

It’s by digital literacy, Edu4sure helps people reap the benefits of internet connectivity through CSR in education.

We provide adequate functional literacy in this domain.

Why shouldn’t everyone enjoy the ease of digital payment, online booking of tickets, video streaming, networking via social media, and mailing and messaging? We teach it all.

Now, everyone has phones, but not everyone has computers. Computers can further simplify lives and we donate them to rural areas that don’t have shops and where affordability is an issue.

One of the dark sides of the internet is cyber-bullying, catfishing, illegal and inappropriate content. Kids are targeted in particular. Harassment and exposure to this at such a tender age deters their mental well-being. Edu4Sure educates them about the ill effects of the internet and provides the means to prevent victimization.

Not to mention, Edu4Sure is set on an ambitious path. Our targets are gigantic. But it’s the challenges that wake us up every morning.

Support us being part of our initiatives. How? PLEASE FEEL FREE TO WRITE US AT PARTNER@EDU4SURE.COM/ SIMPLY CALL US AT 95.5511.5533.


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