Sun Raha Hai Na Tu, Ro Raha Hoon Main…..


This is the harsh truth of the current education system in India but true. Most of the students are fed up with the scenario. If you ask me my honest opinion on the current education scenario it would be “ Today’s education system is a piece of scrap” but we are still getting along with it. There are a lot of flaws in our education system and it is the need of the hour to rectify them!

But we have grown so immune to this that we started to feel everything is normal. Just like mosquitoes have become immune to the mosquito repellent coils which once proved to be effective.

Effective in driving them away and protecting society from life taking diseases like dengue, chikungunya, malaria, etc. The current education system fails to drive away from the mosquitoes like theft, robbery, rape, murder, intolerance and we are helpless.

Trust me this is the time to switch from mosquito repellent coils to electric vaporizers. We need a revolution in the education scenario to save mankind.”

Most of the students are crying be it at caste reservation, donation, the limited number of opportunities, lack of infrastructure, less number of IIT’s, NIT’s, IIM’s, NIFTs, syllabus, examination malpractices, unemployment, etc.

Current Education scenario in India

1. Copying assignments won’t make me a good engineer

This is one of the major problems which we are facing today in our education scenario. We are wasting our valuable time just copying the assignments instead of doing productive things like innovation, designing, coding, and ultimately development.

And then you expect a student to do research. Seriously?  If this is the system you need to follow then the GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test) must be taken like ‘ You can write 15 pages in 1 hour, you get IIT Bombay, you redshirt, you write 12 pages, you get IIT Delhi, O I am so sorry Mr. Pritam You just write 2 pages in 1 hour, you won’t get anything.’

Solution: Replace assignment with innovative projects

2. The content in our textbooks don’t excite us anymore

It won’t be wrong if I say that the contents in my book were written by my forefathers for my father and now it is completely irrelevant to me. This is obstructing me to encounter any craziness and passion for learning. We are just focusing on the theory, what about the practical? All of us need to quit mugging up mindless things!

3. Caste reservation sucks

Caste reservation policies are as old as our education system and need severe reforms as well. I agree with the fact that caste-based reservation policies are for betterment and upliftment of the society and a major step to bring all the classes together in the development of the nation.

I am nowhere against the support which the student of the backward classes gets but the means of selection must be fair. You support them after they are selected.

For instance, let the Joint entrance examination be fair without any reservation, once a student from a backward class is selected support him with proper funds and allocations colleges. Talent must be worshipped.  

4. The Big Brain Drain Theory

The number of brains drained is directly proportional to the number of hurdles in the nation’s progress. The nation would have completely been different from the proper opportunities that were provided to Indian youngsters.

Just imagine the nation with all the industrialists and CEOs worldwide, the thing would have been entirely different today. If we have to understand the problem behind Brain Drain, this is the best way to understand this.

I had once read this on Quora.

⇒ Me to a Govt. official regarding some grants, “Sir, can I know when would the funds would be granted for the road?”

Answer: “I don’t have any Idea. Government ka kaam hai time toh lagega hi”

⇒ In some other country, the reply comes”Happy to assist you, Sir, could you wait a minute until I can connect to you to Mr. XYZ?”

5. Values are still important

I feel education can solve every problem which exists in society today. We can stop every crime if we propagate the right education and values. Education doesn’t mean when one goes to school and comes back.

We need to accept that Sarva Siksha Abhiyan by the Government of India has failed to a great extent. Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya and Kendriya Vidyalaya are working well throughout the nation.

6. Teachers don’t want to teach

I have met many teachers both private as well as government schools. I got to know that they have become a teacher just because they didn’t get any other job. When they aren’t happy with their job, how can they provide a good education for students?


  1. i think this is the time to change the scenario. thank you to share this information this post is very informative.

  2. This is what our education system has become now. I think revolution in education scenario must be important now.
    Interesting and Informative blog.


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