Customer Service Training Because Customer Is God!


It is a well-known fact that ‘Customer is God’ to any business. A happy customer is  always the best advertiser. But what happens when God is not satisfied with the services offered to them? Customers(Gods) reach out to the customer service representatives and seek for help. Do we have proper “Customer Service Training” for our staff?

Moreover, the online market has expanded and there is a need for online customer care representatives.  Companies work really hard to keep up with their consumers and provide them the best support at their end.

However, it ain’t that easy for customer service assistants. They will have to deal with the dissatisfaction of the consumer. It mandates excellent skills and patience for an assistant to solve the problem, which is required only after a thorough customer service training. Let’s understand, how to train a brilliant customer service team.

Handling a group of people and making them a ‘team’ is a crucial pillar in any organization. Do you own team management skills?

What is customer care support and why is it vital?

Let us first understand what is customer care, to learn it’s primacy. Customer care service is company representatives or customer care assistants maintaining relations with the consumers through the process of acquiring a service, buying, or selling a  good in general. For such processes in place, we need the best customer service training.

Today there are rapidly changing trends in the market. Selling your ideas to the customer is a tedious and creative job to do. Thus, leading experts say that Sales Training Programs are invaluable for everyone who desires to stay and grow in the competition.

The trend of business is shifting online. The need for company representatives is reduced but it is crucial after the buying and selling process to know the customer satisfaction level. This helps the company:

  • To maintain the customers loyal to their brand
  • To develop and be better at providing goods and services based on the reviews they receive.

Now that we have got an idea of what is customer care, let’s learn about customer care training.

What is customer service training and why is it required?

Customer service training does not just include hiring suitable employees. It also includes training the customer service team to excel at what they do. Customer service training is definitely as essential as training marketing or a sales department. A customer will approach the customer care representative but not the marketing or salesperson if something IS wrong, right?

Top brands and companies like Harley-Davidson, Amazon, Netflix, Disney, Ritz Carlton, and  Buffer app prevail for a reason. It’s not just because they are good at marketing but also because they all provide excellent customer services. They ensure their consumer’s prosperity and always come up with unique ways to amaze their consumers.

If a customer care representative impresses a customer with their well-researched and remarkable service, a company does not only retain the customer but also adds on to their business. Because of the additional word of mouth publicity that the customer is going to commend.

Types of customer service training programs 

There are always different options available for customer service training programs. Nevertheless, any of them can be opted according to the convenience and the level of requirements. Some of them are online and the others are offline. All include the pros and cons of their own.

  • Instruction led training
  • Webinars
  • E-learning training programs
  • Electronic performance support systems

1. Instruction led training

This basically implies offline training in a typical institution like setting. There is direct interaction with the mentors in such scenarios. Thus, there are high chances of employee engagement through direct knowledge sharing and on spot discussions.

The advantage of this kind of training is the possibility of better training. This can help both the parties’ mentors and the trainees.

The disadvantage of preferring this method of training is that it involves an understanding of high technical skills. Moreover, to smaller groups with distinct degrees of capacities. Last but not the least, they are a bit expensive compared to the rest of the training methods.

2. Webinars

As the name suggests, this method of customer service training is online. The online interface makes it an easier process to train customer service representatives. This method of customer service training is the best way to train a large number of groups, though the members are distinct globally.

This is a cost-effective process of training. It helps the trainees to record the training sessions when connected through a decent internet connection.

Now the disadvantages include plausible technical issues such as time lag and improper browsers. Another disadvantage is the usage of wrong devices like mobiles for training. Most importantly, this is an online process, which means, no engagement and control over the trainees.

Hence, creating an engrossing webinar strategy may help the trainers and trainees to reduce the risk of wasting their time.

3. E-learning Training program

E-learning customer service training programs are considered a mix of first two methods i.e. instruction led and webinars.

Thus, this method is the most reliable. It has the advantages of both methods. Again, this method comes with the least drawbacks, i.e., possible technical glitches.

4. Electronic performance support systems (EPSS)

The method involves cloud-based technology. It also incorporates online software applications and websites. Employees or customer service reps are benefited from technical skill training, providing significant customer services.

This system is similar to having a digital support team. For example: ‘walk me’, a cloud-based platform leads the users in each step. No matter which process they are trying to incite.

Today, there are several options. Choosing the best customer service training method is necessary. Suitable services, according to the organizational standards and employees’ qualifications, effectively help to have the best customer service teams and success of the organization.

Meanwhile, the sale is one aspect of a business that cannot be ignored. There would be no happy customer at all if your products are not being sold. This is the reason why we emphasize Product Training for the growth of an organization.



  1. Yes customer service is very important for the organisations because keeping loyal customers is less expensive than getting new ones.
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  3. Customer is the king of the market. Satisfying customers is one of the most important goal of every organization. Well created post!

  4. customer service is very important for the organisations because its to build custumer relations.thanku for sharing details.


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