Data Science With Python

S. No.Modules
1Course Outline
2Introduction To Python
3Installing Python and setting up the environment
4Keywords and Variables
5Operators In Python
6Datatypes In Python (Sequences And Collections)
7Numeric Types In Python
8Binary Sequences and Range Objects
9Installing Anaconda Navigator
10Decision Making using If-Elif-Else
11Loops in Python
12Strings in Python
13Lists in Python
14Tuple in Python
15Sets in Python
16Dictionary in Python
17Arrays in Python
18Function Handling - BuiltIn Functions
19Function Handling - User-Defined Functions
20Lambda Functions
21Modules in Python
22File Handling & Directories in Python
23Exception Handling
24Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
25Classes and Objects
26Constructors and Destructors
27Reusing Code with Inheritance
29Data Hiding
30Date and Time Classes
31Password Generator


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