DAX Course

S No.ModuleTopicUse Case of Business Problem Statements
1Course IntroductionCourse Overview 
2Unfold DAXWhat Is DAX? 
  Why Should You Learn DAX? 
  What Is DAX Good At? 
  What Is DAX Not Good At? 
  Learning Curve 
  What Makes DAX Hard To Learn? 
  Difference Between Calculated Columns & Measures 
3Understand The DataData Introduction 
4DemonstrationsCalculated Columns: Demo 
  Measure: Demo 
  What is Filtering? 
  Filtering: Demo 
  Evaluation Contexts: Filter Vs Row (Iterators) 
  Evaluation Contexts: Demo 
  Nesting Evaluation Contexts 
5Business Problem StatementsHow to identify profit clusters using a map for states from all regions?Understand geographic clusters with high profits, Create zonal sales teams
  Are my top states by sales volume in every region also commensurately profitable?
Who are my top 5 customers in every state?
Reach out to State heads and Top customers and identify reasons for low performance
Rewards for high performing states and customer
Avoid over-reliance on top customers
Customer Value Modeling
  How much have regions grown since the first year of operations?Identify profitable / lean periods
Identify trends
  Is there a seasonal pattern in sales between the regions?Align marketing plans coordinating with seasonality effects
  How do I assign customer clusters basis the Sales vs. Profit plot?Customer segmentation and profiling
Marketing plan for different clusters
  What is an overview of all seasonality for all our regions presented side by side?A high-level view of the entire business
Identify and compare multiple channels
  Which is the best combination for the business?Prioritize the combination that works well
Divest from combinations that do not have customer acceptance
  How many individual transactions are over 10000?Identify high ticket orders
Plan customer loyalty offering
  How are transactions in one region better than than the other as a multiple?Compare two regions on normalized data
Create a baseline
  How are sales in one region better than than the other as a multiple?Compare two regions on normalized data
Create a baseline
  What is my customer churn?Identify same-store / like-to-like growth
Identify customer attrition
Calculate Customer Lifetime Value
  What is my increase in profit margin YoY?Compare bottom-line vs. top-line
  How does one SUBCategory compare against others?Calculate Pareto analysis
Identify Must Sell SKUs
Devise divestment strategy
Realign marketing activities
  Which are my Top 3 selling SUBCategories in each category?Identify top-selling SKUs
  What is the basket size for a contingency?Inventory control
Stock replenishment planning
  What is my YoY growth?Identify yoy growth for each quarter and month
Isolate problem areas
Identify business seasonality
  How do I showcase my results as custom icons?Create management-friendly reports
Visually interactive reports
  Make N of top N dynamic through a slicerEasy slice & dice
  Show dynamic title as selected in the slicerEasy report understanding
  Connect all the slicers with a single button and create a panelSpace-saving & multiple-filtering
6Bonus ContentList Of 328 DAX Functions With Description 
  Most Useful Characters Codes 
7Capstone ProjectDIY - Project 
  Practice Material 


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