Miracles Of Positive Outlook


Maintaining a positive outlook needs effort. Life is dotted with many a moon success and failure, pleasure and melancholy, helping and seeking. Every moment, we learn and grow with our notations about life.

Mourning over what’s lost, lack of spirit about the forthcoming events and brooding over heart-aches just hampers us from moving forward.

Potential, hard work and determination play key roles in triumph but above all of these, qualities of compliance and zeal give you a grand slam victory and shower you with a positive outlook. Thus, we should first know about ourselves in order to strive for greatness.


1. Expressing Gratitude

How often do we thank our families and friends for standing by us during unholy mess and when we are high on the hog?

Small acts of a kind gesture, just do not fill one with gratification, it’s the reciprocating love that warms our heart.

No matter how irksome our time maybe, an embrace from our loved ones fills us with optimism and drives our mind to forget miseries life has to offer.

It’s always pleasing to do voluntary work for the betterment of the human race; the satisfaction we receive is worth a king’s ransom!

Hence, it could be spending the day at an orphanage or just feeding a hungry animal down the street. The choices are boundless.

2. Jotting down joy

Our past is full of moments of glad grace and recalling them would help us embrace the present with gladness.

It may be a frolic birthday in childhood or a ravishing family gala, no matter what’s the celebration, jot down the event that made you happy.

When you read this anecdote later, it’d fill you with upbeat enthusiasm and positivity. Recalling happy times changes your perspective and you begin to see the joy in everything!

3. Nature: The best teacher

Nature is the best cure to drive out negativity and toxic away from our bodies and rejuvenate our souls.

An evening walks amidst the luscious trees, setting strings from work free and giving liberty to our minds to wander off and discover who we truly are.

Draw motivation from every kith and kin. A small school going boy could be your source of inspiration to keep spark and joy despite worries of exams and homework.

It’s a universal law. If you surround yourself with people who have good vibes to offer, you start radiating positive and happy vibes yourself.

When surrounded by positivity from within and around acts as a strong barrier from slipping away into melancholy memories and underestimation.

4. Stop the blame game

We must take the credibility of our present situation. After all, we are responsible for our actions, blaming a third person just makes us guiltier and less confident.

Don’t you just sometimes wish that you shouldn’t have blamed circumstances?

And by the time you come to the realization, the right time for an apology is far and gone. This, in turn, leads to negativity because of self-condemnation. Therefore, the best way to handle the negative feedback is to have a positive outlook.

Instead of pushing ourselves into distrust, stand up for yourself and take accountability for your conduct for a peaceful tomorrow.

5. It’s all in the mind

Your outlook towards the world is completely controlled by your thought process.

You may be the one who finds fault with every little thing, or you may be the one who looks for lily-white even in the worst states of affairs.

Would you rather crib over the pointy thorns or admire the delicacy and elegance of the rose?

The universe conspires in your every action, how you look towards the world will define how the world looks towards you.

So let’s just start looking for positivity to be enriched and endowed with positive vibes! To be an effective leader, you need a positive outlook.

We can only spread positivity around but it’s your choice to accept it or deny it.

So what do you think, does positivity give you a golden gateway to happiness and opportunities?



  1. I totally agree with your points, one needs to work hard to positive thinking. A strong and positive attitude can give a person more confidence to improve moods and even deduce depression and other stress-related disorder.


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