Advantages Of Digital Learning!


Are you Digitally Literate?

It is a known fact that one must keep themselves up to date with the rapidly changing digital world of today. Digital literacy is nothing but knowing how to work seamlessly with smartphones, laptops, desktop PCs and any other digital device. This blog will tell you about the advantages of digital learning.

Not long ago, we used to worship classroom training. These days, there are innumerable websites that can help you start your career in any field you please! No wonder people use these tools for professional development.

Moreover, small-batch workshops are garnering increasing popularity. The main advantage is that fewer people mean faster feedback and hence better learning.

What is Digital Learning?

Digital learning is the method in which one learns using technology at his/her own pace, place, time and path. The programs incorporate digital content and technology for the best experience. It is more than just providing students with a laptop.

What is the use of Digital Learning?

You keep up with the industry

A lot of the digital marketing courses are handled by key figures within the digital marketing industry (including Google). Due to the fast-paced nature of the digital industry, they’re constantly being updated to ensure that they are up to date and relevant.

Therefore, a broad overview of the digital marketing industry is in the offing. Apart from this, concepts such as branding, social media, analytics, SEO and mobile will also be elaborated upon. This is sure to improve your skillset.

It may also impress your current boss and maybe even land you that big-ticket job you secretly covet.

These days, students and working professionals take to websites such as Coursera, Udacity and other such sites to learn new skills. For example, big data is the buzzword these days and everybody wants to learn something about big data.

In Coursera, there are various modules you can complete to get a clear picture of big data and you can do it at your own pace. Moreover, you would even get a certificate if you complete the course successfully.

Generally, many famous universities introduce online modules and the university issue the certificate too. Though the cost may differ if you wish to get a certificate, it is negligible if you consider the future benefits of mastering the new skill.

One of the main reasons for people to shy away from these sites is that the value of the certificate may not be immense. However, times are changing and people are adding these accomplishments in their resume.

What are the advantages of Digital Learning?

1. Online Learning Communities are helpful

Something that has changed the dynamics of online learning is online learning communities. This online space will be of most use when you’re stuck, have doubts or just want to network. You probably would not miss the classroom atmosphere that much because of the communities.

The vitality of the teachers combined with the curiosity and passion of the students create a vibrant community. Additionally, this is a gift to the learners who need that extra push to keep them going.

One other advantage is that you can revisit any particular topic whenever you wish. Unlike in a classroom, you need not stop the class and explain your doubts to the teacher. This makes your peers frustratingly wait for the teacher to move ahead.

You can also discuss it with your peers in the forums. I think this is a good way to build rapport and network with people from various countries.

2. Are tutors good?

Yes, of course. One of the important advantages of digital learning is cognitive tutors and interactive skill-building software.  Tutors are generally professors who associate themselves with the University providing the online platform.

Naturally, their knowledge is superior and most of them have an interesting way to drive the class forward. Tutors also have their university students who support them by answering doubts from students from time to time.

If you are well versed in any subject, you could also start as an online tutor. It does not limit to universities alone and one can register as an online tutor even if you want to teach music.

What is the future of Digital Learning?

The world is excited about the advantages of digital learning. Studies show the benefits to students and faculty. And the feedback system fascinates the students.

Of course, there are areas of improvement. For example, assessments, more nuanced feedback, customized pathways, increased modularity, more sophisticated simulations, and enhanced peer interaction. However, digital learning is sure to revolutionize teaching and learning.

One thing is certain: change is upon us. We must seize the opportunities it presents, to build a better way to learn which naturally results in better career prospects. People are already embracing this change.

Do you want to be left behind? As a wise man once said, the capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill, but the willingness to learn is a choice.



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