Digital Marketing Course

We believe in Coaching people and make them skillful in Digital Marketing. We have spent more than 1000 hours in learning, experimenting and getting ourselves trained by working on various live projects. We know where the mistakes may happen and hence we can coach the learners in a better and simplest way. 

Practical Projects will also be assigned for better learning.

Get your doubts clear before applying. We want you to be successful in your career.

  • 73% of Fortune 500 companies now have active corporate Twitter accounts.
  • 66% have Facebook pages, according to a new University of Massachusetts Dartmouth report.
  • 112% year-over-year increase in demand for SEO professionals, with salaries as high as $94,000, as reported by Conductor, an SEO technology company based in New York.
  • Job listings with ‘SEO’ in it have increased on job site by 1900% since 2006.
  • In this climate, doesn’t it make sense to equip the next generation of grads with the social media skills demanded by the contemporary economy?

Digital Marketing has a promising career provided student undergo a practical training. Through this program, we ensure to provide tools which are highly in demand. We make practice a fun learning through our innovative techniques so that our student step out as a corporate ready product.

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The following are all the modules. It can be customized as per the requirement.

Module 1: Basics of Digital Marketing

About Digital Marketing v/s Traditional Marketing

Hierarchy in Digital Marketing

Role in Digital Marketing

Scope & Career Opportunities

Skills to become Digital Marketers

Volunteer’s selection for College/Company's Digital Marketing Program

Module 2: WordPress Website Development

How to create a website on WordPress technology

Understand your online presence

CMS management

(You will be able to make your own website)

Module 3: SEO Training

About Search Engine Optimization & Working

How Search Engines Work (Google)

Keyword Research Strategies

Types of Keywords

Keyword Application

Keyword Research for Ecommerce

Keyword Oriented Content Writing

On Page Optimizations

On page factors for Search Engine (Google)

On Page Optimizations Techniques and other Algorithms

Content Optimization

Google Insights / Trends

Google Panda Update

Google Penguin Update

Google Hummingbird

Off Page Optimizations

What is Link Building?

Link Building Strategy

Directory Submission

Social Bookmarking

Article Submission

Press Release

Blog Submission

Forum Postings, Forum Submission & Applications

Question Answers Portals

Classified Submissions

Working on live dynamic website (Eg. Access to Edu4Sure/its associates for a week)

Google Control Settings

(Show SEO Dashboard of a company and Working on applications for learners to understand the tool in the best possible manner)

Module 4: Google AdSense

Learn How to Earn from Google

How Adsense Works

Legal Policies of Google Earning program

Account Creation

Code Installation

Module 5: PPC Training

Google Adwords

Search Advertising Module

Display Advertising Module

Re Targeting Module


Branding VIA Paid Networks

Ads on Google/Facebook

Key Training Areas – PPC

On page Optimization for Paid Marketing

Landing Page Creation

Ad Making Strategies

Geo targeting of Ads


Campaign Designing

Campaign Optimization

Conversion Tracking


Module 6: Blogging/Content Marketing & Management

Types of Blogging/ How to do blogging

Content Generation/ Content Distribution

Content for Various Networks

Professional Blogging

WordPress Blog

Guest Blogging/ Micro Blogging

Tools to know before blogging

Each one will write a Blog which will be published by Edu4Sure to provide Motivation to candidate & candidate will get credit on LinkedIn

Module 7: Social Media Marketing


Creating Strong Profiles on Facebook

Creating Pages & Groups

Advertising on Social Media

Lead Generation

Branding on Facebook


Best Practice& Benefits of Quora

How to Use Quora For Customers


LinkedIn – Internet Marketing

Creating Strong Profiles on LinkedIn

Creating Company Profiles

Advertising on Social Media

Branding on LinkedIn

Company pages


Creating Strong Profiles on Twitter

Product Brand Promotion Activities


Strategies (Monthly Plan)


Creating Strong Profiles on Instagram

Product Brand Promotion Activities

Strategies of Instagram (Monthly plan)


Video Optimizations

Video Marketing

Learners will look at Company’s Social Media Page like Facebook to give a real scenario.  Facebook campaign of clients will be shown and discussed for a better understanding.

Module 8: Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

How to Sell through Affiliates

How to make money

Branding Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Management Agencies

Merchant, Affiliate, Market & Customer

Product & Service Marketing

Traffic from Affiliate Network

Commission Based Lead Generation

Profitable Niche Product Promotion

Affiliate Tracking

Expanding Business through Affiliate Marketing

(Learners will look at the Affiliates by India’s leading Affiliate marketing agency for a practical understanding)

Module 9: E-Commerce

SEO for E commerce

Paid Marketing for E commerce

International Ecommerce strategy

E commerce CMS Management

Gateway Providers & Policies

Landing Page Optimization for Ecommerce

Mobile Payments

Core Selling Strategies

Module 10: Web Google Analytics

Part 1. Google Analytics Basics

How Google Analytics works

Accounts Management in Google Analytics

Profiling in Google Analytics and users

Google Analytics Navigation

Basic Metrics in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Reports

Part 2. Analytics Intelligence

Setup Automatic Intelligence Alerts

Part 3. Google Analytics - Advanced Segments

How to use advanced segments in Google Analytic

How to create custom advanced segments

Part 4. Content Data Interprétation

Pages and Landing Pages data

Event Tracking in Analytics

Google AdSense

Interpretation of Site Search data

Part 5. Visitors Data Interpretation

Tracking Unique visitors to site

Tracking visitors according to Geographic location

Understanding Technical reports

Understanding Benchmarking

Part 6. Defining Goals & Ecommerce Tracking

How to set up goals

Understanding Goal reports & Ecommerce tracking in Analytics

Module 11: Graphics / Visuals Creation

Role of Graphics on Social Media

How to Create Visual Ideas

How to make Visuals without Technical Knowledge

Module 12: Email Marketing

Types Email Marketing

Email Marketing Servers

Email Marketing Application / Software

Email Database Management

Email Data Extraction & Collection

Free Email Marketing Apps

Transactional emails

Direct emails

Opt-in email

Unconfirmed opt-in

Confirmed opt-in (COI)

Email Newsletters

Tracking Email Conversions

The trainers are from Edu4Sure & its associates who are from S&P Global. The classes will be started by Deepak Goel (Founder, Edu4Sure). His details can be found here or the link mentioned below.

His LinkedIn Profile & Recommendation can be checked.

Other Industry Experts

Bharti Singhal (Ex - S&P Global) will be invited for various sessions on WordPress Development (Added by CBS) so that learners can make their own website. She will also take sessions on Adsense, Web Analytics, Google Search Console etc. WordPress Development is module added by College for Students’ benefit. Students will learn how to develop their own website in these workshops and will do that in computer lab.

We can also ask some other speakers as per their expertise and make the sessions more knowledgeable and productive. Students’ participation is equally required for better output. In previous batch, some students were able to make their own website & run facebook campaigns for their business or manage their personal branding. 

Most of the trainers are consultant at Edu4Sure for various clients and open to share their practical knowledge.

  • Direct working on SEO Dashboard
  • SEO Tools
  • Keywords Planner
  • WordPress Development
  • Campaign & Content Planning
  • Social Media Applications & Case Studies
  • Edu4Sure

Mr. Deepak Goel (, 9555115533, 8506828654)

  • Doubt Sessions for 2 Weeks Via emails even after the course is completed
  • Work with us on Live Projects and learn in practical scenario

Certificate shall be provided by Edu4Sure.