Distance Learning Program From Allen?


DLP i.e. Distance Learning Program, as one can surely understand from its full form, is a form of learning in which you are taught through distance. It is an alternate for learning by not attending the classes physically. Here, we will discuss Distance Learning Program offered by Allen.

Allen, the pioneer of coaching institutes for competitive exams realized the growing demand for Distance learning and how students are more interested in gaining knowledge while at the comfort of their home.

With that ALLEN Distance Learning Program for NEET-UG and IIT-JEE came into being. It aims to help students get expertise and proficiency from experts while being at ease. Today, Allen has been successful in its goal and there are students from all across the world enrolled for JEE Main, Advanced & NEET-UG (engineering and medical) preparation.

Allen believes that it has stood strong on its principle of incorporating the latest and result-driven method to help the students improve their learning experience. Thus, it has designed the study approach very carefully and now is one of the Best DLP programs for NEET and IIT JEE.

Key Features of Allen’s Distance Learning Program

Ditching the old traditional way of teaching, Allen has successfully moved with the fast-moving time. Below are a few of the best reasons to get yourself enrolled in Allen.

1. Researched Content 

The experts the latest question papers and carefully provide the study material for competitive exams.

2. Preparatory Tools 

Subject and topic-wise study material/formula booklet are provided. Allen’s DLP makes all its material while keeping in mind the latest patterns of examination.

3. Detailed Analysis 

Distance Learning Program from Allen would provide you with a systematic assessment & feedback of your performance which will help recognize your strength and weakness and thus one would know where the efforts are lacking.

4. Advanced level 

Allen’s DLP considers everything as advanced. What this means is that they prepare a student’s mind and solving ability by giving them problems of an advanced level so that they can compete at a national level.

5. Develops Temperament 

Besides studying, it is very important to stay calm, focused, and patient. DLP courses also help in building up a real-time exam temperament of students before actual examination happens.

What else?

Of all the perks that come with Distance learning, the most beneficial is flexibility. Students can access the study material from any device i.e. phones, desktops, etc. and at any time of the day they want.

6. DLP Study Material 

The pool of experts develops the study material, and they consider all the vital points, like dynamic change in exam patterns or syllabus etc. So, comprehensive study material is available for all the bright brains. Allen also provides distance learning courses like Pre-Nurture (6th to 8th) and Career Foundation (9th & 10th) to build a strong foundation for the young ones. The material helps the student in giving an in-depth understanding and hence prepare them well.

7. DLP Test Series 

Studying is one thing and applying all the learned things into practice is another. So, the Test Series by Allen for JEE (Main), JEE (Main + Advanced) & NEET (UG) is conducted at more than 150 Centers all over India which is also available in postal mode to prepare students mentally. Allen provided a Computer Based Test mode along with pen-paper mode to give the actual simulation of the exam.

The result is a 360° Performance evaluation so that the students know what they have prepared and what they have not prepared. They are specially designed to provide a tentative score of students with Peer & State wise comparison report with their All India Rank. The goal behind this is to motivate them to hustle harder.

8. DLP Joint Package

This is the gate for the total advantage of the Study material package and Test series. They genuinely try to provide the best of materials to the students living in the remotest of areas. With the best assessment reports, they work to equip all the students with strategies to tackle the examination.

9. D-Sat

Analysis and constructive feedback are very important in distance learning. D-SAT (Systematic Analysis Tool for DLP students) gives a multi-dimensional assessment. Score Card, Test-wise report, Question-wise report, Topic-wise report as well as Graphical Test report, it includes everything. Benchmark your performance among the toppers of your Centre, State, and Nation.

The tool is accessible on the official website. It is also available for Android and iOS.

Stop doubting and go for distance learning! It’s the best!


  1. Thanku for such a wonderful explaining.some students are confusing for distance learning but now this explaining is clear.


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