Is e-Learning As A Training Method The Correct Way?


Offline training vs e-learning in corporate training, this is the question of the millennium! Is E-Learning As A Training Method The Correct Way?

You can ask us this question. Well, we said this because no one is able to correctly answer this question so far. But here we are, to clarify all of your confusion that hovers over in understanding the role of offline training (via workshops) and e-learning in corporate training. We hope this article will help you to choose what is best for you and for your organization.

So, to begin with, let’s take you to the world of Anisha who is also confused and trying to understand the role of offline training and e-learning in corporate training. She wants to know what is really helpful in each scenario, and what are each one’s advantages and disadvantages.

Anisha is recently hired as an HR Manager at Infinity Financial Services Pvt. Ltd., a leading Financial Services Company in Delhi. As soon as she joined, she observed 2 things that are confusing her to the core:

  1. Many of the recently joined employees aren’t well equipped with the basic tools required in finances like Advanced Excel, Tableau, etc.
  2. Well experienced traders are trying to find a way to learn new technologies like Blockchain.

Anisha knows her batchmate cum her problem solver Krunal, the trainer of Edu4Sure, India’s best corporate training institute. She calls him and asks for a help. Krunal, as usual, is happily standing on the other end of the phone to help her this time too.

Anisha: Hey, Hi Krunal. How are you?

Krunal: Hi Anisha. Say what happened now? (in a teasing tone)

Anisha: Hey can’t I call you casually?

Krunal: See, it’s the middle of the day, nobody calls casually at this time (again in a teasing tone)

Anisha: Ok Ok, you got me! Happy?

Krunal: Yes, Of course. Now, say what happened?

Anisha: Kunal I’m really confused and finding it difficult to understand whether I should go for offline training or e-learning as a training method in the company.

Krunal: Wait Wait! Don’t jump to solutions directly. Firstly, tell me what’s the problem for which you are considering these training options?

(Anisha narrates the above 2 observations to Krunal)

Krunal: Ok! So, see, as I work as a trainer in a company, I always think that going for both the options, better known these days by the term Blended Learning i.e. offline trainings via workshops + e-learning as a training method is the best solution for any kind of problem.

Anisha: Yes, you will say that, because you work as a trainer in the company (pulling his leg)

Krunal: No, No, Anisha, this has nothing to do with me working in that company. Actually…

(Anisha Interrupts)

Anisha: Yes, I know. I was just kidding! Chill!

Krunal: Ok. So anyway, let me make it more clear for you. Both the scenario are either about enhancing existing skills or reskilling as per industry needs, right? So, see if the company really cares about their skills then organizing workshops is best as this will give them a face-to-face human touch element in the learning.

That will be more interactive, will have more flexible and customized course content, and most importantly it will be like a crash course for them. And you know how these elements play a very important role when it comes to learning and is the only reason why e-learning as a training method hasn’t yet taken over offline training.

(Anisha Interrupts)

Anisha: Yes, you are right. And then comes the role of e-learning in corporate training where it offers advantages like cost-effectiveness, anytime-anywhere accessibility i.e. convenience, and customization i.e. learning whatever topic we like.

Krunal: Exactly, you got that right. The e-learning platform will be more like a repository of knowledge where we can learn many topics that might not have been covered in the workshop and that too at your own pace. So, the reason for me believing in Blended learning.

Anisha: And what about Blockchain kind of new emerging technologies?

Krunal: What about that, Edu4Sure and similar training platforms have both options available and here too the same analogy applies because you can’t directly start with learning blockchain all of a sudden from e-learning sites. It will be more frustrating and time-consuming. Rather, arrange a workshop, this will save time and give all a head start. Again, in support of my view, Blended Learning.

Anisha: Ok Ok Mister, I’m convinced, now let me convince my boss to implement this. Be ready, I may contact you for a proposal on workshop cum e-learning as a training method.

Krunal: Ok, you don’t know? (laughing)

Anisha: What?

Krunal: Edu4Sure is already a corporate training partner firm with Infinity Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

Anisha: Oh! I didn’t know that. Ok, be ready for conducting a workshop then.

Krunal: So confident about convincing the boss.

Anisha: Yes! Don’t you know me? (Proudly)

Krunal: I never doubted your convincing skills, Boss lady. Ok, then Bye! Give me the good news asap.

Anisha: Sure, Bye!

We hope, this conversation would have clarified all of your doubts related to what is better, offline training or e-learning as a training method in corporate training. Those who are still in doubt, we recommend reading our article:

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