How Ed-Tech Can Help Students Tackle Depression?


According to the world-famous Oxford dictionary, Depression means ‘feeling of severe despondency and dejection’. In simpler words, when ‘Jaga sunaa sunaa laage, Jaga sunaa sunaa lage’, this is called depression. Initially, depression was a term in the dictionary of only old men, but this is recently trending in youth and children as well. Here in this blog, we will target students’ depression.

When you talk about youth and child population, the majority of the population are students. I have read somewhere ‘Education is the nation’s strength’ and if the students cope with depression, then this is not at all a good sign for a nation.

Information communication technology is one of the most powerful tools which is capable of transforming the entire education system.

Factors that outrage depression in students

The major reason for the stress is cut-throat competition for seats. Today, approximately 1.5 million students take up the world’s one of the toughest examinations called ‘Joint Entrance Examination’ and the worst part is that we have only 10 k seats.

Just look at the ratio, this signifies that 150 students are fighting for one single seat. Isn’t it horrifying? Truly it is. This is not the only factor that helps you to contribute to depression but Distractions play a major role as well.

Facebook, Whatsapp, Tinder, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and what not? These are the real wasters of time. They ruin a student’s career, once a student falls prey to it. Gaming is one such massive obstruction in the path of studies and ultimately success.

I call these as technological demons, and they need to be fought by a technological hero i.e. Ed-tech.

How technology-led learning can help to overcome Students’ Depression

1. Learn at your own pace

Every child learns differently, entitled to different areas of interest. In a class of 60 students, 5-6 students grasp the concepts fast and they are called toppers but what about rest 55 of them, they get stressed out.

They lag somewhere or the other in completing syllabus, academics. And this is inevitable as well. But personalization is possible with the help of these ed-tech based applications. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have created new possibilities for teaching-learning methodology.

2. All Resource at one place

I am a Mechanical Engineering students and I have my siblings disturb me when I sit to study. So, I prefer the library as it is quiet and study oriented. The major problem I face most of the time is that I forget to carry one of the books which I needed to study.

This problem can easily be solved here. The amount of data can be stored in the form of text, images, videos, audios; etc one can never feel that they have less content to study.

The enormity of the task causes anxiety and propels them to delay their preparation, so they can avoid feeling overwhelmed. They can practice lakhs of questions of varying difficulty levels instead of looking for multiple reference books.

3. Experts who can help 24/7

Schools or coaching teachers aren’t available all the time. We are afraid of asking doubts because we feel ‘Log kya kahenge?’ During self-study, a lot of question come up to our mind, and we note it down to ask it to the teacher when we meet them.

But this hinders the mood of studying. This problem can be uprooted with the help of ed-tech. many ed-tech ventures have started their call centers where you can call anytime and get your doubt solved.

4. Learning made interesting with visuals

Do you love reading textbooks? No. right? Because they are plain and lag to catch our attention and interest. This is somewhere Reference books came into the picture with some images.

But ed-tech has the possibility of introducing images, videos, animations, sound, etc. and trust me you will fall in love with studies. They can catch your Interest.

5. Cost-Effective with minimum effort

Fees of the coaching institutes can range from 1 lakh to 4 lakh for 2 years as they have to consider infrastructure, faculties, management, etc. and the number of students which they can enroll in less ranging from 80-100 in a classroom.

On the other hand, ed-tech records a video or creates a study material once and spreads the soft copy without much cost. This reduces the cost to a great extent.


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