Education – A Tool Or A Weapon?


Have you ever heard phrases like “Education is the nation’s strength”?; or “Pen is mightier than the sword”

You can surely understand the fact that education is not an option but a necessity in the growth of any society, culture or civilization.

I feel that every problem which the face today can be solved by education. Be it murder, theft, robbery, rape, etc. every problem can be sorted out today by providing proper education.

Education cannot be only in the form of formal education but it can also be in the form of books, spoken word experiences. There have been various flaws in the education system and their implementation. Life is a school that would teach you a lot of lessons itself without us even realizing this fact that we are even taking any lessons.

The crime rate in the world is rising alarmingly and there needs to be a serious check on this crime rate. The major aspect of any crime is a lack of knowledge or a lack of values. We fail at our decision-making processes and certainly end up taking up the wrong decisions.

We don’t understand the seriousness of the fact that harm to the public is harmful to the nation.


Because the sword can cut the pen, but the blood then spread is fierce enough to engage the common man. The best example to illustrate this fact is ‘The judge’s verdict’ whatever he writes comes into practice.

Have you ever read History textbooks?

Here the Indian historians have written history such that Indian Freedom fighters were Hero’s and Britishers were Villains. You would feel the pain of Indian freedom fighters be it Chandrashekhar Azad’s shooting himself or Babu genu’s sacrifice.

You will cry out of pain and salute the leaders of the freedom struggle. If you read the headlines from England, they would be praising the cruelty of Britishers and criticized our innocence. I am sure you will feel that whatever Britishers were doing was right, and we Indians were wrong. This is the power of a pen.

“Attack Sword can make you die but the pen can make your dead body”.

Education is the Nation’s strength.

A nation is a topmost priority for every citizen unless and until he is a terrorist. The fact that the nation is not developing is a lack of a proper education system in India. A nation is not safe only by providing military forces but also strengthening the roots of the nation internally.

The roots of the nation lie in the young generation, its students, they should be strong physically, mentally, emotionally to tackle whatever comes their way. Strengthening of the roots can be done only by providing adequate education to the student here. Imparting knowledge is a great deal in itself.

We must have a huge force of nice and innovative teachers who are passionate about learning and teaching. Unless and until you are passionate about something, you won’t be able to do it full-heartedly.

The major problems which lie in the Indian education system

1. Lack of infrastructure

2. Lack of teachers

3. Failure of the system in conduction cheat-free examinations

4. Lack of values

5. Lack of diversity in the subjects

6. Everything is about rote memorization. Just memorize the answers and pass the examination.

7. We lack practicality. Our textbooks are old enough I feel that they were read by Babar and then given to Akbar.

8. Caste reservation kills talent.

9. Education has become a different industry for making money. Teachers instead of focusing on students focus on money which should never be the case.

10. Extreme pressure is created by parents on their wards to get into this education system which hardly makes any sense.

There should be freedom for the student to take education as per his own choice, interests and mental capacity. More emphasis needs to be laid and importance should be given to college education.

11. Government monopoly in the education system. Government can interrupt entire formal education.

This reduces the chances of improvisations as it takes a lot of time in these amendments.

We should join our hands together and form small non-government organizations to educate the needy.


  1. education is the right weapon to deal with each and every life situation. education is the right weapon to communicate your thoughts.


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