Emotional Intelligence Training


Experts all over the world have agreed that emotional intelligence will determine who will climb the promotion ladder and who will just remain where he/she is. For this, we should boost our Emotional intelligence training. But first, we should know the answer to the following question.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

It is the ability to manage your own emotions. With emotional intelligence training, you can analyze emotional moments that make you successful- both personally and professionally. If you are intelligent about your emotions, you will know what your strength is and what your weakness is and how you can bring out the best in you. The most important skill behind it is self-management. It lets you manage the emotions you feel.

Nowadays, it is also an ability to understand the emotions of other people.

Do you ever have thoughts in your mind like ‘what was I thinking when I took that decision?’ Do you wonder if you were the one who took that decision?

If yes, then here are some tips for you.

  • Recognize your emotional state and how it affects you.
  • Whenever you feel unpleasant or sad, sit and give some thought and time to get okay i.e. emotionally regulate yourself.
  • Be empathetic- Get into the shoes of the other person and see things from his/her perspective.

Being emotionally intelligent is difficult. It will take time and will come only with practice. So be patient, keep working hard, and don’t give up.

Benefits of training employees to have Emotional Intelligence 

Potentially and socially competent are two things that are seen in emotionally intelligent employees.

Such employees don’t give up or lose when faced with difficult situations. They are highly resilient and bounce back from failures fast. They are also good observers. Also, they can read the face of other individuals in the room and communicate accordingly.

Financial benefits, personal growth, and accomplishment of a company can happen when the employees are emotionally intelligent. It can just be your savior and handle the angry customer who is willing to withdraw or sell just a little more than the employees who are not intelligent, emotionally. It strengthens the relationship with clients. A study in 2015 proved that sales and EI are positively related. Thus if your employees are emotionally intelligent, your company can increase revenues on a major scale.

Training in Emotional Intelligence can make individuals more content.

Stages of learning

Emotional intelligence can be learned at any point in life. The only requirement is the intent and motivation to learn.

1. Insight

Learning can only start when one accepts that there is room for change and improvement.

2. Assessment 

Now you need to assess where you stand on EI. There are various tests available online. Or if you are seeking professional help, they can guide you better.

3. Training 

If you know where you want to improve, you will know where you will need training. Employees must be given interpersonal training.

4. Application

This is the final stage. Emotional Intelligence training can only be productive when it is implanted in real-life situations.

With the increasing era of globalization, emotional intelligence becomes more significant than ever when teams are unique and different in their ways increasing the number of emotions expressed. Training teaches managerial skills to the employees. It is very beneficial to people working under non-profit organizations or for humanitarian services.

Four domains of emotional intelligence where one can work

  • When someone is harsh to you, wait before responding. Choose your answer wisely.
  • Do not jump to conclusions and don’t over analyze the situation.
  • Don’t resort to things like smoking or drinking in hard times because there is no going back from that side.
  • Don’t take decisions when you are frustrated and angry. Cool conditions reduce your anxiety and you feel a lot calm.

Take a break from work and social media often. Go out and spend your time with family and friends.

Be yourself and give yourself to the benevolent nature for some time.


  1. Emotional intelligence can help you to cope up and navigate through the social complexities right from school to workplace. Perfect information.


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