Can English Learning Help A Housewife?

Yes, it helps!

Most people take a housewife for granted. She is there to look after kids, in-laws, husband, and household chores.  For all this, higher education and English learning are not necessary. After all, usse ghar he to smbhalna hei.

Fifteen to twenty years back, thinking of the society was different. Now the perception is changed. A housewife these days is smart, educated, manages indoor and outdoor work, looks after a kid’s education, and takes out time for herself as well.

Let us tell you the story of Shruti.

Shruti was a small-town girl. She was M.A (Social Science), B.Ed. She was very pretty, intelligent, well behaved, extroverted and jolly natured.  Whosoever met Shruti, couldn’t stop praising Shruti as she was very nice.

After her marriage, for some years she remained a housewife. She fulfilled her duty as a housewife to the fullest.

Time passed, her kids were born and they started going to school. Shruti then started feeling lonely and thought that she should do the job now. She discussed it with her husband and he gave her permission to do the job. Shruti’s joy seemed no bound. Now, Shruti started looking for jobs.

Par ye Kya? Shruti is again in trouble. Kyon?

Shruti finds herself in a difficult position as she doesn’t know English. Shruti has never been to an English medium school as she belongs to a small town. Now, the challenge before Shruti is how to search for a job. The newspaper that she used to have at home is in English. She told her newspaper vendor to supply a Hindi Newspaper. Now, Shruti is O.K. She started searching the jobs in the newspaper.

Shruti started giving interviews looking for a teaching job in schools.  Wherever she goes for the interview, the interviewer asks her questions in English. Shruti was unable to understand the questions and unable to answer as well.

Now, in some interviews Shruti came across the questions in mixed English and Hindi, she felt awkward as she couldn’t speak English. Moreover, every school wants her to communicate and teach in English. She went through so many interviews but to no avail. This thing shattered Shruti completely. Shruti poori tarah se toot chuki thi.

By now, she had known that her lack of knowledge of English has blocked her way to fulfilling her ambitious job. The same day, Shruti’s daughter Sapna told her that there is a Parent-Teacher meeting tomorrow in the school. Shruti’s husband was on an official tour. So, she decided to attend PTA. The next day when she met the school teacher, the teacher started speaking in English.

Shruti was like,” Ye kya bol rehi hei? Mujhe to kuch samaz nhia aa reha”.

Somehow, she attended the meeting.

After reaching home, her daughter said, “Mumma aapne to aaj meri beasti kara di school mein. Aap English mein kuch na samajh pa rehe the na bol. Papa ko dekho kitni achchi English bolte hein. Her baar Papa he jate they meeting mein. Ab meri saari friends apne apne ghar mein ja ke batayengi ki Sapna ki mummy ko to English aati hi nahi”.

Shruti was already broken, and her daughter Sapna’s harsh words teased her. Shruti now decided to overcome her weakness. She started learning English and within a few months, she got well versed in English.

Now, Shruti can do a lot many things she earlier was unable to do.

She can now attend her daughter’s Parent-Teacher Meeting.

She can talk in her social circle with confidence.

She can search for jobs on online job portals like, and

She can now teach her children.

She can perform well in the interviews.

She can get a good job in an English medium school.

She can now communicate with people from other areas as always there lies a communication problem from state to state in case of transferrable jobs.

She can search online content to teach her kids or for project completion.

She can now pay bills online.

She can shop online.

She can travel anywhere in the world alone as English is a global language.

She can now talk in English and can go along with her husband at office parties.

Ab aapne dekh he liya hein ki Housewife ko English seekhne k kitne faydey hain.

Learning English for a housewife is as much needed as for any other person. It brings confidence in her, self-reliant, independent and smart as well. It grooms her and adds to her personality.

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