How Learning English Can Make You A Global Citizen?


Why are you learning English?

This is one of the most important questions. Only after having the experience of learning, one can judge the sincerity and depth of the answer. The fact that English is spoken all over the world is quite evident!

Many people may answer this question in different ways. You can learn English for future purposes, for professional reasons, or to form a relationship.There are very few people who realize the huge impact English language can have upon global interconnectivity, human consciousness, and the way it is perceived by the world. 

English is spoken all over the world.  This is what makes it a universal language! English is not only the language of business, tourism, and diplomacy, but it also opens the minds of people to an entity, new perspectives, newer things in the world. A new perspective gives you an array of options and a wider view of life.  It develops your character traits, attitudes.

It shapes you as a person. Knowing the English language has many added advantages As English is learned, people meet each other from around the world and open their minds to experiences, culture, information. And also the ways of looking at the world, unlock the hidden and life-altering potential of learning English.

The question is why only learn the English language and no other when we have so many languages to learn. Why everyone is stressing upon the fact to learn English no matter what.  The answer is English is the global language. Learning English over any other language benefits you and gives you an upper hand in every area of life that learning any other language might not.

4 Ways to a global perspective

1. Communication is the key

Communication is the first and the most immediate effect of English fluency with people. It is also the gateway to true human connection and relation and nothing can change communication. If you connect truly with people from other cultures, religions, and backgrounds then you will realize that they too are not as different as you thought.

The word ‘’they’’ may change to ‘’we’’ and this happens through personal and professional contact, as well as being exposed and enriched to other aspects of different cultures, such as music, food, and customs. Behind all this experience, the key that opens the door is speaking the same language.

In this way, English becomes the language of diplomacy and peace. Moreover, everyone seems to know a bit of English even if they are not so good at it. So this makes communication and connection easy. English is spoken all over the world. If you know how to speak English, you can network globally.

2. Recognize the Multiplicity and the Unity

Effective communication, understanding the different cultures and human connection flows a direct experience and this allows us to break out the restriction, one-dimension worldwide, and starts to include perspectives that may not seem so apparent. It multiplies everything mainly because All over the world, English has become a common language! 

Depending on your age, maturity, meeting with new people, learning, and opening your heart and mind up to the world, it will gradually transform you. And the first impression may be that people from other cultures and perspectives are different, or even weird, but soon you realize that we have a lot in common.

First of all, you start to appreciate the uniqueness of not only other cultures but also of your own. This is only possible in the English language. As said earlier English is the universal language.

3. Good Information Catalyzes New Perspectives

English is a very important weapon that offers access to exponentially better information sources and global citizenship. No other language contains even close to the quantity and quality of information that the English language does. There is nothing more powerful and compelling than a large variety of good information.

Erroneous, incomplete, and biased information can misguide you your entire life. The more you read, listen, watch and learn about the world, the more information you will get. Most of the content use the English language for publishing.

4. Be the Change You Wish To See in the World

To be able to relate to people from all the corners of the world. Learning English will greatly facilitate the road to this point by helping true place in the world family. And by giving access to exponentially better sources of alternative information.

This step has, however, nothing to do with English. But is more of a personal choice and truly live in integrity with our worldview. It is an ongoing process that demands that apply what we’ve learned. An easier approach could be learning English through movies, shows, songs and music.  

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”- Gandhi

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