Learn English Vocabulary Through 20 Popular Memes


You can learn English in many ways But there is a new way to learn English vocabulary, a very fun and radical way, through memes. And no, I am not talking about learning English by watching movies, listening to songs etc. (that way is also pretty cool though!) Before we get into the topic, let us understand a bit more about memes.

What are memes?

Meme (pronounced as “meem’’) has come from a Greek word “mimema” which means “to imitate”. A meme is a video, images, or text that people mostly share on the internet. The image may be the same but the text may change to a different idea or describe in a different situation.

Many of us do not realize that meme existed before the internet as a part of the culture or idea which is passed from one person to another through imitation or copying. 

How do Memes help you learn English Vocabulary

1. Attention should be given to memes when you see on social media websites

On Facebook and Twitter, you must have been probably seen many memes. Noticing how they are used in blogs, online forum and articles is a great way to learn English vocabulary. One advantage of Memes is that they help you understand the context of the conversation as well as the content, which is a very holistic way to learn English. 

2. Try to follow Reddit page devoted to memes

Reddit is a place where people mostly share content on the internet, which includes tons and tons of great memes. Notice how do people use them on this website?

3. Confused about the meme, you can look it up

Look out for the meme database, Know Your Meme, which is just like a complete dictionary and you can find almost all kinds of memes on this website. 

4. The meme should be careful

Most of the time, memes may use poor English or bad grammar on a purpose to make it funny. Sometimes it may also use crude language and cursing. Just to make sure that new words and phrases are correct before using them in real life.

5. The meme should focus on the vocabulary

To be more familiar with memes, you should improve your vocabulary to make it easier to communicate with modern English speakers. You can do that by joining various free English Tutorial Websites.

6. Focus on your most liked memes

Choose the most popular memes, such as Reddit, Know Your Meme and Google Images.  This will help you to express different ideas, which helps you learn English vocabulary in different contexts and helps you apply it in real-life conversations.

20 Memes that can help to Learn New English Vocabulary

1. Viral

It refers to something which spreads very quickly and is seen by lots of people.

2. Brace

A brace is something which holds an object or structure in place

3. Overly attached

Someone who wants to be next to you every time and do everything with you is called overly attached. 

4. Troll

Grinning (smiling) face uses online memes for trolls. It is used to describe any situation or person that seems unfair or that upsets you.

5. Slender

Slender describes someone or something thin or narrow, often in a graceful way.

6. Creep/Creepy/Creeper

Creep in real life, which means a call to someone else, it may not be a nice thing to call people. Here you should be aware of one thing which is that the ability to learn English vocabulary comes with a responsibility, a responsibility to be civil. While you should be aware of their behavior, you should not use such words to describe someone when they are behaving inappropriately. All the 3 words mean the same.

7. Condescending

When someone acts as if they know more than you and when they try to look down on you, they are called condescending. 

8. Legitimate/Legit

Legitimate is real or official. In the real world or online, the world Legitimate has been shortened to legit. It is a slang word that is used very commonly. 

9. Grumpy

This is the part where you learn English vocabulary with context. When people are grumpy, they normally get annoyed and speak in a different tone, hate everything and like to be left alone.

10. Paranoid

Paranoid is normally when people do not trust anyone easily. It is a kind of crazy fears.

11. Legendary

It is a kind which is very famous or respected by the people. Legendary is a bigger word than “famous”. It is something amazing that people will talk about.

12. Wait for it

If you need to spend time before you get something, you use the term wait for it. The word itself is very common. Wait for it is to make someone more excited.

13. Foul

Foul is a bachelor (single men) who are not very pleasant to be around. They do disgusting things because they live alone.

By now you must be seeing the advantages of your effort to learn English vocabulary through Memes. Let us see some more.

14. Bachelor/Bachelorette

Bachelor is a man who is not married and bachelorette is a woman who is not married. 

15. Slowpoke

Slowpoke is the person who takes a lot of time to complete a work. This meme always makes statements that are “old news.”

16. Throwback

Throwback is something that reminds you of the past.

17. Confession

Confession is when you share something private, secret or embarrassing.

18. Politically correct

Politically correct means choosing the way to say things carefully so that you do not offend any group of people.

19. Contradiction

When two things are opposites, it is termed as a contradiction.

20. Hindsight

When you understand something after it has happened it is called hindsight.

You have been introduced to so many new words through just 20 memes. This is the exposure that Memes and learning English vocabulary through Memes gives you. So go on the internet, start exploring the world of Memes and learn English vocabulary, the fun way! 

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