How To Promote An Event or A Seminar?


An ‘event’ or ‘seminar’ has its results polished when it receives fame and audience, hence ‘promotions’ play a leading role in the success of an event’ or ‘seminar’. Without event promotion, something terrible might happen and that would be a ‘nothing’.

‘Promotion’ of an event or seminar can take various forms like that of a social media ad or that of a popping message through chat boxes which have become a typical way of promotion. But, the boundaries of promotion are not limited to social media alone.

It is portable to the skits being performed among the public, posters shared on the walls of the road, trailers made, individual calls and emails.

How to promote an ‘event’ or ‘seminar’

1. Social media

According to 2017 reports, 2.77 billion people are social media users. The use of ‘#’ hashtags with the name of events tends to attract more audiences through social media.

Making of a content-rich and eye-catching message and engaging it through groups and individual chats is the most advancing way of promotion to reach most people as well as to get more reactions from the public.

2. Wall Paintings and Posters

Get a ‘wow’ through attractive posters and spray paintings on the walls where you sneak a glance of the people and make them read about your event.

3. Campus Ambassador

When you are engaged with promoting an event related to students or where they have got a role, the best way to promote it is by appointing the interested and talented students as ‘Campus Ambassadors’ to spread it more easily and reach out a bigger audience.

Students are always the potential bombardiers to spread the news of an event being hosted and no one else other than them can make news on fire with a very short period.

4. Video Trailers

Giving it colors and a story and publishing a trailer would help the mob to know about your event in a more catchy way. It needs to be done wisely as it could give a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ all of a sudden.

5. Public Skits and Flash Mob

A pinch of dance and skit would give it hype and also giving the media and public to discuss your event and turning up them to your event is all on the marketing.

6. Individual Calls, Emails, and Meetings

Making a direct call or a direct message to high-end officials and inviting them to your event would also add values to your event or seminar.  Also reaching out for them at their venue would enable them to show more interest in your event.

7. Newspaper Articles

Another medium for communicating with the public is the leading newspapers. They are still a must-have with the bed-coffee for many of them. Advertising about the event with a brief discussion and details about the event would also enable to reach a sufficient amount of them.

8. Organize contests related to the event

Organizing various contests and games related to the event would also enable us to acquire people from various categories. And thus increasing your count of the audience.

9. Distribute leaflet

A small and crisp leaflet including all the details about the event and reasons to attend the events. 

A well-designed leaflet is all needed to create intuition to attend the event. Also, it impacts the standard of the event.

10. Hosting a website

Hosting a website is another professional way of promoting your event which should be like seeing your event in advance. A highly professional is website must be informative as well as attractive.

Promotions are important not only to increase the count of the audience but also to pass on some knowledge to the public. This will make your event one of a kind and to mark a level for others to climb on.

An event promotion is necessary to give your event the face of success. As well as it’s the only way to make the hardships of an event hosting into a feeling of ‘well-done’. Make your event a hit by hitting on promotions.


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