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How was it like, when you had first thought about what you want to be in life? What was the first thing that popped into your head? I am sure it must have been something out of the list of doctors, engineers, pilots, CA or IAS.

Remember what a chaos it was to decide on a career after 10th? Wait, are you here wondering How To Choose Career Path After 10th? Honestly, it is not your fault, because these are the most common career options that you have seen and been told.

I mean, you cannot be expected to play a game that you don’t even know about, can you?

Many people take the route of Career Counselling but reading this article will help you choose the right career for you.

The list can never be exhaustive, because of the more the people, the more the career options.

What all can we take up as a career?

The question that comes up is what exactly are the career options?  And what education to pursue the same? So let’s get this straight – anything you can think of can be pursued as a career. You can transform any process or incorporate it into a business model.

All that is required is for you to have an idea and to pursue the same. Many times people have brilliant ideas about certain things that might transform our outlook towards it. The ideation is foolproof and super blockbuster, but the only issue is that you don’t dare to follow through.

Now, this is a big-time inbuilt deficiency in you. And there is a reason why I am stressing on this point. First things first, what on the face of the earth is stopping you from choosing one of your desired career options and implementing your own idea other than your inner fear of defeat. Secondly, there are many ways to earn a living, but to be successful, you really need to have the conviction to do so.

Coming back to our topic, What all possible off-beat career options you can choose or establish yourself in! Let us see.

1. Graphic Designer

All you need to do for taking up this profile is to be crazy about designing. Be it by hand, or on computer software, you really need to be imaginative, creative and expressive in your designs. This is the tricky part here; you might like to design but it is not as simple as it seems, professionally.

One has to keep making the same design ‘n’ number of times until the client is satisfied. You have to be experimentative, quirky and quick. Even the scope is wide, as you can work for magazines, websites, applications, presentations, or create your own stuff and freelance.

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2. Content/Creative Writing

Where don’t we require writing now? Be it online or offline, website or app, blog or post, magazine or newspaper, script or book, and so on, you need to curate content everywhere. But is that really that easy, irrespective of the demand? It was sure as hell not. But due to high demand, people are on the ever rise for hiring. Still, not all are a hit.

It really requires a sense of speech, an undying stream of thoughts, vast knowledge and a yearning to learn and research to keep up to date. Because of the fresher the work, the better the following. So don’t go on the traffic, you’ll make your way if you really enjoyed comprehensions and essays in your English exam, lol!

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3. App Developer

This is one of the technical career options and not really everyone’s cup of tea. But nonetheless, totally worth it. As we all know that today is the time of applications. We have them on our mobiles, tablets, and PCs. The websites are becoming outdated too soon. So there is an ever-growing demand for developers; more so because there is also a big line of startups requiring the same.

Say, if a startup is based on the app, then their basic necessity is that app, their revenue-generating source is that app, it is the real building block of that company. Since it is a very specific job, hence there are not much-experienced people in this field on an average. Also because there are the variants for android & ios. So all the people out there crazy about coding, go for it and give us some really cool apps.

4. Hacker

You might have never really given it a thought as one of the career options but as your internet usage is increasing, so is your risk of overexposure. Every detail that you provide online is somewhere or the other prone to be misused, no matter how assured you are of the safety measures. And, who can see this information? Yes, you got it right, the hackers.

Cyber Security has become an agenda in parliament these days. But it calls for a genius to do that job, as it not only involves coding but decoding someone else’s codes. It requires an in-depth understanding,  geekiness, and addiction to be a pro. But surely not a thing to be understated. So if your kid or you yourself have a knack for that level of insanity, you know where to head.


I have a friend from school, rather a senior, who told me he used to earn 80 k per night for weekdays and 1.3 lacs on weekends just by mixing music. And moreover, who doesn’t know Avicii, Afrojack, Martin Garrix or Skrillex to name a few. They don’t just earn a lifestyle with their music insight but also people are crazy about their events. They have an enormous following, to begin with.

If you like to speak a lot, and some relevant stuff, and can relate to the current affairs with a comic style of your own, you are a perfect person to become an RJ or a VJ. Some practice of jargon, tongue twisters and a clear & fluent speech in your preferred language, and you really are ready to take on the world. These are no doubt the most unique career options for youngsters.

6. Counseling

The Major Depressive Episode (MDE) has reported that approximately 121 million people out of nearly 6 billion people around the world suffer from some of the forms of depression. At such a staggering level of mental unrest and sadness, the need for a counselor, a psychologist is imperative.

These days, even the schools are mandating an on roll psychologist in their premises, because stress levels and peer pressure is too high to be self-sustainable by the students. People are gradually understanding the importance of psychology and not just in general, but even in times of disasters or loss, this study comes to the rescue, teaching the right approach for intervention and PFA (Psychological First-Aid).

7. Investment Banking

Not very new, but Investment Banking is one of the quite trending finance career options in recent times. Also, you don’t need certification. At least that’s what I’ve discovered just now. If you are into banking, like totally into banking, you’ll figure out a way to reach the peak. All you got to do is to believe in yourself that you can do it. Make connections, observe people but don’t copy the leaders.

Develop your own way of dealing with the clients. Try to know about everything in your industry; every merger, acquisition, share trends & markets, newcomers and every bit of finance. One thing that I’ve learned so far about investment banking is that your confidence really speaks for you. And people can see it very evidently. That’s all about it.

8. Fitness & Grooming Trainer

You love to dance, workout, groove and follow some really good fitness & health trends around the globe? You are surely on the right page of life. It is a fun job and fun career option. You meet an extraordinary number of people, develop your own routines, make people fall for your physique/figure, get so many blessings, and still get paid. And you can do it online too! Need I say more?

9. Sportsperson

I am writing just after the latest Rio Summer Olympics 2016. Is there any more reason to go ahead and tell you about it? It has health benefits, it makes you sharper, and hotter, and respectable. and people around the world follow you! I, personally, have always loved sports, all kinds, and still pursue them as a hobby in my free time. What a sport can teach you, nothing else really can.

It gives you the spirit to not give up, to keep competing, to always finish your race, and to learn to work as a team. There is a gambit of so many different sports, there definitely will be at least one which you’ll fall in love with. And sports is one of the best career options in my opinion.

So go on, be a sport!

10. Startup

If nothing in particular interests you or you have some great idea/plan for a business startup, then go for it. It is a great deal of pain and a real-time drainer, but trust me, nothing can be more satisfying. Because you do it all. Oh, you should have a read of our blog –  Things To Know Before Joining A Startup to get a clearer perspective on startups.

There is not an inch of a thing that is left untouched by you. You have to work on every aspect, every profile, every department. Here you are the supervisor, as well as the labor. It gives you an endless opportunity to expand and explore your true worth. Even if it doesn’t work, don’t get disheartened, as it never leaves you high and dry. You always come out with a fortune of experience and worth.

So much has been discussed, and I still feel like I am missing out on a lot more. But never mind, I will definitely get back to you with a yet more trending and happening list of career options. Till that time, keep learning, keep reading and keep following. Good Luck folks!

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