How To Use Facebook Page As A Marketing Tool?


It should not surprise anyone if I say that Facebook with its 166 million monthly active users, 159 million mobile active users. Having 85 million daily active users, and 81 million mobile daily active users is the #1 social media platform that people use across the country. In this blog, you will learn how to use Facebook page for marketing.

Being open and free of cost, it has become one of the largest platforms connecting people from across the globe. 

Gone are the times when Facebook was a medium to connect to their friends and loved ones. Today, Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing tools. Unlike LinkedIn, Facebook is more of a casual social media platform and has a wider consumer base.

A Facebook page is not only a page for a person but is a public profile specifically for marketing of businesses, brands, celebrities, causes, and other organizations. Any person who likes the page becomes a fan of that particular page and starts to see the updates from that page on their newsfeed.

Hence, it is not wrong to judge the popularity of any page by the number of fans it creates.

So, before I start and tell you the tricks of how can you use a Facebook page as a marketing tool, I would like to brief you about multiple benefits that this platform offers and makes it so convenient to be used for marketing.

Benefits of Facebook page for marketing

1. Easy networking and Communication Tool

Facebook is very user-friendly and dominates a majority of the shared content which is shared among different similar online platforms like Twitter, Myspace, and Yahoo. This depicts that people finding sharing data here more easy and comfortable.

With the help of Facebook Insights which capture the data shared via the Facebook page, companies are now able to analyze data more extensively and can easily determine the demographics of the fans and their interaction with the page. For this reason, Facebook marketing is gaining more and more popularity by the day.

2. User-friendly

The user-friendliness can be judged from the fact that we can easily find people around us who do not even know how to use the internet properly but are very comfortable using Facebook to share their messages, photos, and thoughts.

With the continuous increase in the user base, it provides a diverse pool of audiences for marketing the products.

3. Instant Customer Engagement

With the help of a Facebook page, it has become very convenient for companies to interact with the customers. Once any user likes the page of a company, he becomes a fan of it and then the newsfeed of the fan automatically starts showing the new updates done on the company’s page.

Companies can now use their pages to share news, updates, videos, etc.

4. Information Immediacy and Fast Feedback

Earlier it took a lot of time for the company to find out if their new product is working or not but with the advent of Facebook, it has now become a trend for the users to vent out all their feelings over the internet.

Though this involves the risk of negative publicity at the same time also provides the opportunity to address the user’s concerns in a timely and effective manner.

5. Free/Low Price

It does not cost any money for the companies if they want to set up a Facebook page. Hence, without any investment cost, these platforms serve as the perfect medium to target the right audience for the product based on various analysis done based on demographics, psychographics, etc.

6. Accessibility

With the increased use of smartphones, Facebook is accessible for everyone at all times and hence serves as the perfect bridge to connect the customers at all times. 

However, with its huge bunch of advantages also, most of the business is still struggling to achieve expected results from this portal and are unable to leverage it to its full potential. The biggest challenge faced by most organizations today is how can they translate and make the best use of one of the biggest customer database which Facebook offers.

Not only do the businesses get this database but they can also select their target audience in a better manner as the Facebook profile of a person not only includes their basic information like name and contact details but also their hometowns, education, interests, marital status, age, etc. It can also access consumer data from Instagram for better targeting.

If businesses can find ways to fine-tune this data and make proper use of it, they can easily increase their user base by huge volumes.

Useful tips to create better publicity for their business/event/product/idea

1. Optimizing Your Facebook Page for better marketing 

In today’s world, all the online marketing efforts start with the Facebook Page and it undoubtedly provides you the highest reach to the customers.

It is a common practice for people of all age groups to go to google and search for whatever they are looking for. Optimizing your Facebook page for SEO and likes helps you to get a better rank in google and makes it easier for the interested audience to find the page in search results.

The higher the rank means the earlier the page will appear in the results of the google search and better would be the chances of the users to view and access it.

But the task is not over yet as once people access the page, you also need to ensure that the page lives up to their expectations and provides them the needed information besides looking organized and appealing at the same time.

If you can do this, then there are very high chances of people liking the page and referring back to it in the future if they need similar. This can be achieved by using different techniques like- choosing a descriptive and memorable username so that it is easy for people to remember it and use it whenever required.

Your name and description in about section should be such that it explains its purpose. Whenever someone remembers it, they automatically also remember its use. 

In addition to this, one must also be very careful in selecting the right pictures for the profile picture and cover photo of your Facebook page as these are the very first few things which anyone visiting the page observes and uses to form an opinion. The images must be of professional quality and should match the look and feel of the brand.

2. Using Facebook Groups To Engage With Your Target Market

Though Facebook page is the primary source of marketing for businesses, groups also play a significant role. Being associated with the right kind of groups helps you in getting a huge amount of traffic. It also increases customer engagement.

It gives you the perfect platform to get connected with people of the same interest as you. And also, makes sharing of information easy and convenient. It lets you engage with the audience in a more informal and personal manner. This helps you to become a part of the target market’s day-to-day interactions.

3. Encouraging Social Sharing Through The Use Of Facebook Buttons and Plugins

To increase the reach of your business, you must also take appropriate measures at your end. So, the people who go through the content posted on your Facebook page and website, find it relevant enough to share it on different platforms.

This would serve two purposes as with the increasing user traffic, you will have two types of audiences. One group of people who have used your page before and also another new group of those who would get to see your work shared by the old users.

It will also help in building your brand credibility. As people are more convinced when others who have used your services appreciate and value you. Rather than you going and trying to pursue them to try your product.

4. Getting Your Posts Seen By More Of Your Fans

With the increase in the volume of the content being shared online, Facebook is also facing a big challenge. As most of the page owners complain that many of their fans are not able to see their Facebook posts.

One of the main reasons behind this is that with the increasing volume of data, there is a space crunch in the user’s newsfeed. So, it is just not possible for Facebook to show them every single post from their liked pages.

Also, the design of the algorithm is such that it shows the most relevant content to users. Here, relevancy is decided by taking into account thousands of factors like – how has the user interacted with the page’s post in the past? How many times has he liked, shared, or commented on the page? What is the type of post which is being shared? What does the user react the most to- images, videos, links, etc? The popularity of the past post among all the users of the page. In a nutshell, we can say that the posts which are the most popular are shown to the user in his newsfeed.

Following strategies can be used to increase the chances of getting featured in the user newsfeed

1. Use videos as part of your posting strategy

According to various surveys, it has been observed that people are more attracted to videos than pages filled with text though both of them provide the same information.

2. Regularly consult your page Insights to see what types of content are resonating with your audience

This is very important as the first step to satisfying the user’s needs starts with knowing their expectations. Page Insights is the perfect treasure to harness this wealth. It contains a wealth of data about what type of content is most engaging among people.

They help you to analyze and find out which posts are getting more audience attention and likes? Which media is being most frequently used? What are the topics that are of interest to most people?

It also helps you in finding out the times where your page observes the maximum traffic. So, you can decide accordingly when to post new content to get maximum likes and visibility.

Also, you need to consider the fact that not all people who visit your page would buy your product. So, you must present yourself in such an interesting way. Such that, it interests people to know about your product and business.

This helps you to form an association with the potential audience who can turn into your target audience at any time.

3. When And How Often To Post

As already discussed, businesses must always make proper use of their Facebook Insights. So that they can decide the timing and frequency of posting new content on their page. In a way, to reach out to the maximum audience in one go.

Also, you need to acknowledge the fact that there is not a set number of the post which businesses can follow blindly. They should only post relevant and meaningful content on their pages. “Typically if you post fewer than 2 posts a week, you will not engage your audience enough. Thus, failing to maintain a social connection with them, and you will lose engagement.

If you post more than 2 posts per day (as a brand) you will typically lose engagement. That means the ideal number is between 5 – 10 posts per week as a brand. And, as a media company, this is typically 4 – 10× higher, as new information people engage with all day long.”

4. Using Paid Options To Increase Likes And Reach

It is a well-accepted fact that to increase the visibility of your page and earn credibility among users. You must have a minimum number of likes supporting your page.

Though it is possible to achieve a decent number genuinely via sharing quality content it usually takes away a lot of time. So, Facebook also provides you ways to achieve the same using some paid options. Two of such methods have been shared below:

a) Post boosts

This method increases the visibility of a post in the user’s newsfeed. You can choose to have your post shown to different target groups like your page fans, friends of your fans, or to some other target group.

Facebook has a huge database. This database contains user information like age, occupation, interests, etc. This can easily help you to find out a target group for your product.

This is a quick and easy way for extending the reach and visibility of your posts. As the added targeting and control of promoted posts usually make them worth the extra effort.

b) Promoted Posts

You can create promoted posts via the Facebook Ads Manager. It also require you to use the “Boost Post” option but enables you to select a specific target group to increase your reach.

In the end, I would like to reiterate that- though these tips can help you make better use of Facebook as a marketing tool. These do not guarantee the success of your business/product.

When used properly, they can only help you to generate more traffic and provide better reach to your target audience. But, the onus of keeping the audiences engaged and interested lies in you and the quality of your efforts.

Being an easily accessible and free of cost platform, the advantages that Facebook page offers for marketing are immense. It now depends only on your creativity and marketing skills that how much are you able to leverage. And, make yourself successful in the market.



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