5 Ways To Enhance Your Memory


Every IIT aspirant has to face a tremendous amount of competition to crack the JEE, which is quite infamous for being the toughest exam at the undergraduate level. Students with better memory power tend to perform better at it and thus, stand a better chance to get selected. So, how to increase your memory power?

This article contains some ways that a student can try to improve his memory power so that he can have an edge over the competition.

5 Ways To Enhance Your Memory

1. Avoiding stress

Firstly, stress or anxiety is a major enemy of the brain. It decreases the concentration level causing the person to lose focus. This is not very helpful for the students who are trying to remember different concepts and formulae for the exams. This might be the foremost step in how to increase your memory power. You should avoid procrastination at all costs to relieve one more cause of stress! 

2. Visualization

Secondly, understanding the concepts behind the method used for solving has a much greater retentivity in the mind rather than just mugging up the whole method. Creating a physical picture in the mind helps in remembering how to approach the questions.

3. Repetition

For building up to memory for the long term, this method seems to be the most efficient. Even after understanding the concept properly, people tend to forget it after some time as memory is a limited resource. 

The recent memories tend to remain clearer than a concept learned a year ago. Therefore, we must revise the old concepts too after a specific interval of time. It may vary according to individual capacity. It is high time students stop mugging up and start applying the concepts they learn for better retention.

4. Breaking into parts

It can be easier to remember a problem as a combination of different smaller problems that require relatively simple concepts to solve rather than looking at it as a huge complicated question.

Not only does it help in crossing a psychological barrier that is formed, but it also helps in better absorption and thus helps in creating a long-lasting memory.

5. The method of loci

Lastly, it is an ancient method. It is essentially an act of attaching the new information to the previous facts. Which we won’t forget easily and building up the new concepts upon them.

For example, when reading out a list, we can associate the places they have been allotted to the articles in the list for forming up a chronological sequence in which they should logically occur.

Conclusively, these ways have helped many of the students to develop a strong memory. This further equipped them with a great tool to ace the JEE. I hope that this article was helpful for the readers to answer their question “How to increase your memory power?”.


  1. To enhance your memory the first thing is do not think to much about anything…it all depends on you and your thinking only ….this blog is very informative to enhance your memory .


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