Focus Learning, Not Just Certificate/Brand!

learn from someone who can make you perform in interview.

Do you focus on the learning programs or just a certificate by a big brand name? If I give you an option to choose a certificate from Udemy/ Coursera or a certificate from someone who is not famous but can teach you the best, which one will you choose? 

I know that you are confused. You never asked such a question, did you? I will discuss why focus on learning is more important than any certificate from a brand?

Everyone will concede that technology is power. Today, the way students learn has changed.  Sitting in a classroom is not the end of the story. Learning has also set in roots in the virtual world.  Many online courses and training programs are available at your convenience.  Sometimes, learning online proves to be an advantage over offline learning.  But there also happens to be a downside to all this. To get my point across, I will be discussing a hypothetical scenario.

Suppose, a college buys Coursera subscription for all the students. It is considered a good move. This will help in earning certificates which will look good on CVs. Ultimately, it will help in interviews and in improving your career. But don’t make assumptions too quickly.

Let’s analyze the situation more thoroughly before deciding on it.

First of all, these certifications are not hard to get. Almost all of the students can boast of these kinds of certificates. It will have little or no market value in the future.

First, discuss what usually happens in the case of students?

Now, suppose that the students shirk their duties and do not study the materials they are supposed to. Whatever answers they are forced to give on the course quizzes or tests, they get them from online platforms like GitHub or such. The end goal becomes getting the certificate. Will this methodology work in the end?

Next, consider the condition of the parents.

They are investing a considerable amount of money into their children’s education. In a way, their earnings are chated off. Their kids aren’t getting the best quality of education they could aspire to, instead, their kids are wasting time on courses just for certification.

Now consider it from the viewpoint of the college.

The college may also be cheated because they were expecting these courses to amount to something and for their students to get placed in big companies. But the knowledge base of their students remains weak; a couple of certificates are not going to help them get far.

So, in our hypothetical scenario, everyone gets cheated in one way or the other by getting involved in courses.

But who gets cheated the most? 

My answer would be the students.

Parents can bear some sunk costs, and college will find some other way to enhance their reputation, but the students got a worthless certificate that didn’t increase their chances of selection at all.

Interviewers are no strangers to these courses. They also know that students can get these certifications without learning anything substantial. Hiring them without verifying what they know would be a mistake.

So, in interviews, these certifications will not matter at all. This becomes a futile exercise for all involved. These certificates are no upholder of academic integrity. If you possess one of these certifications, it is not sure at all whether you learned anything or whether you cheated at your assignments during the course. Hence, you must focus on learning.

Without proof of learning, it is not possible to have an advantage in interviews. Employers will always be interested in what you can do in real life rather than how many certificates you have. Projects and practical applications will help you showcase your skills. Most employers do not even accept those certificates at all. So, there is no need to be surprised by the low cost of such courses.

Investing any amount in them, when the ultimate target is increasing the chances of getting hired, is not advisable. Coursera or any big brand, at the end of the day,  does not guarantee employment.

The only way to get the job is to prove yourself in the interview by answering questions. So, focus on learning and learn by doing. Join the course or take classes from someone who can invest in your learning by providing the right way of education. The practice of the concepts and working on live projects always help.

An assessment of your work before issuing the certificate makes sure that you learned something. We at Edu4Sure provide practice sheets and possible projects to all our learners and ask them to submit assignments before issuing the certificate. So, check such companies that focus on learning and provide you such programs.

Shreya Mitra has shared the above experience.

She is a student of economics, currently pursuing her masters from Calcutta University. She loves to read and creates interesting content. As an aspiring content writer, she hopes to become a successful writer in the future.

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