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General Questions

Certification Training

Edu4Sure has a trainer pool of 700+ certified professionals and covers more than 30+ Domain/ Non-domain training.

You name any training and we have the trainer for it.

We also run various services. You can have a look!

To discuss, you may write to us at partner@edu4sure.com or speak with us at +91- 9555115533. 

If you are passionate to teach then kindly fill the form “Be Our Edupreneur”

Please note the following:-

  • Your payment would be made once the client confirms the payment.
  • You would maintain professionalism with the client and all communication would involve Edu4Sure.
  • Edu4Sure has all rights to cancel your candidature in case wrong information is provided by you at any point.
  • Edu4Sure believes in Quality Education and hence you would keep yourself updated with the subject/topic.
Please fill the registration form and share profile at partner@edu4sure.com

Yes, We do Certification Training and Events as well. We do small batch workshops ( up to 20 Students) in a batch for an effective learning. For more details, you may either call at +91-9643749760 or write to us at partner@edu4sure.com

We provide Actionable Tips and share the case studies. We engage the learners and support them in their business as well. It helps them to understand the concepts.

It is for anybody whether Students, Working professionals, Business owners or anyone who is interested in learning & keeping oneself upgrade with the skills.

All the workshops are quite interesting & engaging and where a person learn 1 thing in 15 days, we make him/her all required things in 10 days & then person practices on a live project. Doubt sessions are also taken if required at trainee end.

The best part of the workshop is “We share our real experience & how we build our business in this Digital world” without burning money. A Live project with us would always be provided with the workshop and hence people learn in a practical scenario.

The duration of workshop would be for 2 days / 4 days/ 8 days depending upon the modules like Blogging/ Google Adwords Certification/ Social Media Management/ Big Data Analytics/ Vocab Building etc.

We conduct training Online as well as Offline. 

Online training using MS Teams App. We share all details to access the training.

Offline training happens at client’s campus or our training centers. 

Microsoft Power BI


The recordings are available in INR 1080. There are total 51 lectures including assessment.

For 1 to 1 live Training, we charge INR 1500 per hour.

Trainer: Min 10 Years of Corporate Experience (All certified professionals)

Why don’t you see one of the sample dashboard made by one of our learners in just 45 minutes of time after taking the course? The learner is a graduate student who was looking for job and took our course.



First, Edu4Sure is not costlier than their counterparts. There is a huge difference in training methodology.

  1. Edu4Sure makes all videos step by step. For example, In Power Bi Course it starts from what is Power BI, Is it a market leader, its comparison with its competitors, Data understanding at a basic level, explanation of each feature, Quizzes, Assessment, etc.
  2. The content is regularly updated (After 3 months) and more scenarios and topics are added. So, you will keep getting updated and more content. We keep adding solutions to problems asked by our learners and make our content more powerful.
  3. Assessment & evaluation happen before issuing the certificate.
  4. You can ask for 1 to 1 doubt sessions for various courses.
  5. Covers various sectors & gives various examples. More scenarios are added if learners ask something which we find is not covered. This is a very good initiative to make people learn, take their queries, and update content.

The vision is to make education accessible & affordable to all. Some people find it costlier but there are many who find it very affordable 🙂

You can register by payment through any method like 

  1.  payment gateway link of us           https://pages.razorpay.com/pl_Es7Qr4NfAFqaGU/view

2. Net Banking at 

TestFormula Education Pvt. Ltd.    

Account Number: 33729473635    

State Bank of India, Delhi           

IFSC: SBIN0001573

3. Paytm/Gpay at +91-9643749760



Why Power BI & How Does It Work?


Data Introduction: Super Store Data


Basic Visuals- Scatter Chart: Negative Profit Analysis


Basic Visuals- Ribbon Chart


DAX – Create The First Measure: Are My Top 10 Customers Profitable?


Designing A Dashboard – Pin Tiles, Add Text Box, Dashboard Theme


Assignment On Super Store Data

These are some of the sample videos. All concepts and features as per content course description are explained.

As we add more scenarios and cases (For example, we will add a case on Employees of a big IT company) in August 2020. You can expect a perfect learning with us.

Yes, You will get all additional content in your subscription at No Additional Cost. We will add a case on HR Related Data in our course by the end of August and it will be free to all our subscribers in the last 6 months.

We keep a timeline of 6 months so that we make people able to learn this software and use it in the work. Usually, people learn it in 15 to 20 days. Then it is all your practice. We provide access to a resource where you get various data to work.


We also provide you a practice sheet that covers all aspects of the content. The trainer also covers various questions on Data Analysis & Visualization in the training videos. You do not need to go anywhere.


Still, you need more time, you can write us an email and we extend the time. Our main reason is to give you a deadline so that you complete it by that time and get a certificate. 


There are 40% of people who completed the course in just 2 weeks of Subscription. We have made it very comprehensive and simple to learn.

Anyone interested in Analysis & Visualization can work. Similar to Excel, it is needed by anyone who wants to work faster & smarter using this tool.

It is very good course for Sales, Marketing, Operations, HR & Finance domain professionals. We have many learners who are IT Graduates and are our subscribers.

If you believe “data analysis and visualization” is important for you, then go for it!

Don’t worry. Ask us for an official ID and we will give you limited-time access. Our goal is to make you learn and help as much as possible at our end. 

We have been training since 2013 (Especially Corporate Training). We have 700+ Trainers as of July 2020. You can check some of our trainers at https://edu4sure.com/trainers

More than 1 million assessments have been done. 


We are bootstrapped (No external funding) and hence do not advertise too much like Investor funded companies. 

We have answered many questions on Quora as well and have been featured for 6 months consecutively to support learners there. Our trainer is featured among the world’s top 10 authors on Quora in Training Space.

Usually, you do not need a doubt session after the training, but we have an option to choose 1 to 1 doubt session by paying INR 1000 per session of 45 min. 

You can also opt for 1 to 1 training sessions at INR 1500 per hour. The live training happens for 3 hours and you can choose anytime based on your convenience. The trainer will be having a min. 10 years of experience and will make sure you learn it well and able to use it.

We will share everything on your Email ID from where you can access the content. You will not face any difficulty in LMS. We can give access to your Google Drive if you face issues. Moreover, the additional content will be added to your subscription plan and can be found on Google Drive. 


Our LMS is quite simple to use 



Please use this page links for any reference. You can call us +91-95.5511.5533 if there is something that is not answered.

Login is specific to you only. The learning curve and Certification will be issued to only 1. In case, you share login to someone and S/he takes the assessment, you will not get a certificate. Your learning analysis may also be lost. Moreover, one person is able to access once. 

If you need certification for 10 or more than 10 people, you can discuss it with us and get a group discount.

Consider this an investment in yourself and grow faster!

If you share it then it will be at your own risk. We will do only 1 successful assessment & certificate.

You must understand few things.

⇒ How to Plan the content.

⇒ How to Write the content ( SEO friendly). SEO learning is essential. Search Engine Optimized content works well.

⇒ How to Distribute. 

So write from Planning the content for your niche, Implementing right keywords in content & distribution, all matter to make you a ProBlogger.

This is our one of the focus to make people educated and hone their skills so that they become independent and earn well. Blogging is not easy to manage for first few months but once you stay focused, you always do well.

We make people learn these techniques. They can have a great side income with their job or can be a full-time blogger.

It would also help them in generating leads for their business. Edu4Sure loves to share their own tricks and tips and that is why people love us. Most of the content is written by our Trainee & Workshop associates. You can also be our Blogger. Just sign up as “Be Our Blogger” and start writing with us. We would make sure you learn the strategies and you can write for your own blog once you learn enough!

For our upcoming workshop, either fill the Certificate form or speak with us at +91- 9555115533. We prefer emails (Partner@edu4sure.com )

There are many blogs which you can check in Blogging Category.

If we take Content Writer as a job then it is in demand and every company needs content writers. There are companies which have more than 100 content writers. We also look for more content writers. Leave us your resume at career@edu4sure.com.

Also, like we and other bloggers earn via blogging you can also earn. You just need to be focused on the right strategy of Content Planning, Writing & Distribution.

Today it is easy to learn from the people who actually proved blogging. Take their consulting & learn. Remember right consultant can save your lot of time efforts.

Give respect to someone else efforts to get respect for yours smiley

You will surely rock with hard work, persistence & right guidance. Edu4Sure wishes you a great career.


Yes, We do!

We in fact coach people how to get associated with Affiliate agencies & earn via affiliates. We are a bootstrapped venture and we focus more on values & quality. All our affiliates are best reviewed on Google & we promote them. However, we strongly recommend checking once with someone about the brand. For Example, We are associated with Amazon but in case, you have any doubt you should explore yourself.

If you buy from our affiliate, we get a small percentage of the purchase and it helps in building this portal & we do educate more people from economically weaker society.

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