Game Based Learning: The Future Of Education


I still remember the days when I used to go to school. It adopted game-based learning. The days of slate and pencil when my teacher used to give me alphabets to learn. I always messed up the things because it was too boring for me to learn those alphabets.

It is monotonous and boring to learn when we get the same thing again and again. It seemed that some Hitler is trying to torture me with those words. I always wanted to play. As I come from a rural background, I always played pakda pakdi (catch – catch), Lapa chhupai ( hide and seek), Baraf Pani ( Ice and Water ), etc.

I am sure all the memories of your childhood gushed up your brain.  I always wanted that these two things could combine i.e. learning and playing. Studies would not have been monotonous and boring anymore.

Game-based learning is based on this concept itself. The child feels relaxed and learning becomes more fun!

Game-based learning uses the core concepts of a game, for example, Mario. Mario is one of the most popular computer games, which the ’90s kids enjoyed. Usually, a game-based learning environment involves points, badges, and leaderboards.

Engagement is captured by everything that makes learning interesting. The overall process is not based on very complex games. It is much simpler. The USA and Europe used this kind of game-based learning for the first time.

I also dreamt of having fun while learning but this system wasn’t developed when I was a kid. Instead of being taught to quit mugging up, rote learning was encouraged. 

Especially those badges and small gives a sense of accomplishment. This is very important for advancement in ones learning. You get to realize that you are a step closer to your goal.

Some of these features of game-based learning

1. Level based progressiveness

The course is divided into various sections and each section is divided into various levels. At the end of every level, the student gets reward physically or virtually.

2. Points and scores

Points and scores are something that establishes a competitive atmosphere. This competitive atmosphere lets the students push their limits and exhale their targets.

3. Leaderboards

Leaderboards are very important that let them understand their position where they lie between a specific number of students. This is the replica of this competitive world.

Seeing the cut-throat competition to get admission into engineering college, get a government job or getting into their favorite B-school doesn’t shock them. The scenario is the same if you wish to become a doctor.

Everywhere you need to prove that you are better than the rest of the world. This is where the leaderboards play their part in game-based learning. There is always scope for improvement and the same is the case with this new method of learning and teaching.

However, the path of this methodology is not easy. It has to fight a fierce competition with the old system of teaching and their practitioners. Some of the parents and professors argue to the fact that game-based learning leads to distraction it the teaching. There are many flaws in the Indian education system and the prejudices are deep-rooted!

However, it is has a lot of positive points to display as well

1. It improves the attention span

Usually, we have a limitation over the time for which we can focus on a particular thing continuously is limited. Game-based learning might increase it. Various applications are available in which they put up these teaching methodologies.

2. This reduces the moody behavior of the child

Every child is moody. They are very particular in case of their behavioral patterns. They do not want to learn when boredom kicks in. This is something where game-based learning wins the race over the previous traditional way of learning.

3. Improves the social quotient of the student

When a student gets the report card they tend to start asking about others results. This leads to a discussion about studies and they more or less form a team. This helps to build a positive atmosphere for learning and education.

Education is the nation’s strength.

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  1. For decades the games have been used as a learning tools. Game based learning’s motto is to make a class more interesting and engaging. Due to increases in competitiveness, digital learning helps to develop a child’s thinking process. This blog has valid reasons why game based learning is necessary.

  2. game based is very effective for small children. with the help of this technique make a class more interesting and engaging. students also enjoy this and learn vwey well.

  3. Features of game based learning like-Level based progressiveness, Points and scores etc
    We’ll explained
    Appreciate your work


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