Spread Of English Language – Good Or Bad?


English become a worldwide language in our times. The spread of the English language has been a rapid phenomenon and it is now the language of trade, diplomacy and also the internet. However, the world has witnessed an increase in international languages, in particular, Spanish and Mandarin. But the rate of spread of the English language has marginalized these smaller languages even within their homelands. In the Dutch East Indies, for example, Indonesian, the language that is supposed to unite the diverse country is increasingly becoming a second language. 

Is this spread of the English language a good thing?

Yes, It is Good because…

1. Communication for the Globalized Era

The world is turning into more and more globalized. With the advances that we see in technology in the last few decades, communication is instantaneous. 

For countries to effectively communicate, particularly among fields like international trade and social science, likewise as diplomacy, a standard operating language is essential. This is one of the major reasons for the spread of the English language.

2. The simplicity of the English Language

The English language is one that’s simple to learn and to speak. Unlike the second most spoken language in the world, Chinese, English doesn’t need a lot of time to learn and speak. 

Another aspect of English is the fact that people can understand and speak English even if they don’t speak it well. Broken English is spoken by a lot of people around the world. But the simplicity if the English language allows us to still understand what they mean.

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No, It is bad because…

1. It makes us lazy

The spread of the English language has resulted in people learning fewer and fewer languages. Think about it this way, if your parents are well educated and speak English, there are higher chances that you will know less about your mother tongue because you will end up speaking English in the house. As a result, we end up earning fewer languages and become lazy when it comes to picking up new languages. 

2. Loss of local languages

As the language of instruction in a lot of places is English, there is less need for people to learn their languages. Knowing English also provides people with greater opportunities, both personal and financial. As a result, the spread of the English language means people see less need to learn their local languages. This leads to the extinction of local languages in which few people speak.

People use English in business transactions but the same people will still go home and speak their mother tongue. If individuals begin to solely communicate in English, valuable knowledge could be lost in terms of culture and heritage. 

In this article, we have seen other the good and the bad about the spread of the English language. But whatever we may think, we simply cannot ignore the rapid spread of the English language and its importance in today’s world!

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