How To Work On Graphics?

As we work with full passion and practice on our skills, it becomes better day by day.
Here, we are compiling only Web Designs/ Infographics layout for our Graphics interns. Others have done good in their areas of interest like logo, Sketch, Digital printing, Animated video, etc.

Basic Understanding of Graphics

1. Try to take Light colors
2. When you write text, take care of Spellings, Writing style like ” How to learn Digital marketing”, here “m” is in small which as per the flow does not look proper. It should be “How to learn Digital Marketing”.  So here t and l are small because “to learn” is not something to highlight.
or “How To Learn Digital Marketing”. Here, all words are in Caps (First letter), Easy Strategy
3. The text or image name should reflect the image. Therefore try to find and make a relevant image.
4. Try to keep things Simple and Clear.

Sample 1

Counting/ Text without a dot, Uniform Size, How to represent many pictures in one shot, you can choose your way
1. Counting has no Dot like 1. 2.
It is simple 1 2 ( Remember a small dot can create visual appeal unclear/clumsy).
2. Icons are similar in Size.
3. Students at the center are bigger than Icons (Career Choices) so that Center portion (Students) look prominent.
4. The color theme is as per the logo ( Orange and Grey).
5. The text is written in a visible way.
6. Edu4Sure Logo and mascot (Giraffe) small and at an appropriate position.

Sample 2

Relevant Images, Uniform Size, Clear Text, and Writing  Style
1. Relevant images should be taken
2. Uniform size and color ( here all images same color)
3. Clean text and Writing ( How To Prepare For IIT-JEE – All first letter in capital letter)
4. The text should be visible so we took Black Text on Yellow. keep a contrast while choosing the background so that the text is visible.

Sample 3

Designs, Icons with White Lines, Grey Text, Logo Theme
1. Take icons but try to make it similar. Here all Icons are drawn with white lines.
2. See the theme of Edu4Sure (Grey Color Text)
3. The logo color theme is reflected in a very subtle manner. Keep it light.
4. Relevant Images.

Sample 4

Circle design outside Icons, Relevant images, Grey Text)
1. Try different design

Sample 5

More Design like a flowchart

Sample 6

Different Text Color Example as per Content- Advantages & Disadvantages

Instructions for Sending Graphics Work

1. Final Image with logo and mascot at the appropriate positions (PNG Transparent and PSD).

2. Final Image WITHOUT logo and mascot (PNG Transparent ONLY) 

3. Icons (PNG Transparent Only)
4. Each Image/ Icon name should be proper like Icons can be different so name each icon. It takes time but if you keep saving in your system with the proper name then it does not take time.
Best Tip
Always show screenshot by sharing work progress on WhatsApp and get feedback to avoid rework.
For any query, Connect your mentor/ call at +91-95.5511.5533



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