Friday, September 18, 2020

Expertise: Graphologist
Experience: 21 Years

Established a unique, strong signature in the field of graphology. Graphology journey started from 1988 by reading an article of famous Writer Amrita Preetam Ji on Graphologist Dr. Maggo.

In 1997, developed insight into graphology able to analyze own signature almost in 2 years time. Changed own signature for self-development, results from my selection in Project department of reputed consultant in the oil and gas sector. My goal to switch over from a current job of traveling to a routine established job so that education of children was proper.

  • Graphology program on radio city program “Midnight Mantra” was declared the best program of the year in 2000. Audience (from Bareilly to Chandigarh, Radio coverage area approx. 250 KM all around New Delhi) mainly belong to late night students, party goers, frustrated couple, depressed persons/ businessmen including some blind students of RK Puram blind school.

  • Personality analysis of Barrack Obama was published in daily ‘Times of India’ dated 23 January 2009. Personality traits explained in the article were re-confirmed by the recent action against Pakistan/ Afghanistan by Obama are very much in line with graphic analysis.

  • Workshops were organized for INTEL, CENTRAL EXCISE, EDUCAMP, SAMTEL etc. for employee’s self-development, providing graphics tool for recruitment, HR.