What Do You Prefer – Handwriting Or Typing


In today’s scenario, what do you prefer? Is it handwriting or typing? The battle is real. Let’s analyze handwriting vs typing.

Nowadays, many college students have stopped taking notes by hand. Instead, they feel more comfortable typing them on a laptop or tablet computers. But the question remains, which is more effective? Who has the upper hand?

If we look at it in both cases we write using our hands. In handwriting, we write with a pen or a pencil but in typing, we write on our cellphones or computers. Then what is the basic difference between the two? Where does the choice of handwriting vs typing lie?

Are you also one among the lot who is moving towards typing from handwriting? Do you remember the last time you wrote a proper letter? Are you now in the habit of writing notes on your phones instead of pinning one?

The change is there because of the technological advancement and people becoming used to it. The shift from handwriting to typing can be seen especially among youngsters. What is better, find for yourself.

The scientific study shows that if you need to remember something, write it. For a long term memory of ideas, facts and or conceptual information, writing by hand is much better than typing.

Computers, on the other hand, take your attention away from work. Yes, they can be distracting. The major drawback of typing is that along with it you tend to engage in other 100 stuff. You type simultaneously along with other chores.

It is difficult to resist. Also, computers may hurt the performance of school students which may further affect their academic performance.

With handwriting, this might not be the case. If you are writing you are only writing and no other stuff.

Benefits of writing by hand

  • Helps in better learning
  • Makes you a better writer
  • Benefits you by keeping you away from any sort of distraction
  • Keeps your brain and memory sharp
  • It will give you practice to write, write faster because in exams you have to write and not type.

Advantages of typing

  • Typing saves time. The contents can be written faster.
  • Typing promotes productivity. It increases the productivity level of an individual.
  • Typing facilitates multi-tasking. You can write while reading. Isn’t that fun?
  • Typing also helps in promoting mental effectiveness.

However, both, writing by hand as well as typing, they have become a part of a student’s life. The reality is the world in which we now live in require education to be at a level that will promote the productivity of the students.

It makes more sense to focus our efforts on mastering the practice that the students are going to use daily.

No one can deny that typing has become a requirement for the students. On the other hand, handwriting is becoming an outdated process. Still, people are comfortable with writing by hand.

Both are on par with each other and have their advantages and disadvantages. One should know both and should know what is more appropriate to use and in which situation. Handwriting will always be there with you, you cannot do away with it no matter how much typing you start doing. So always be in a habit of writing with hands.

But the debate of handwriting vs typing continues….

The question remains the same – is the pen still mightier than the keyboard?

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