Poem – Happy Independence Day


On the occasion of Independence Day, We would like to dedicate a poem to every Indian; and an urge to make India more independent and taking it to those limits where other already developed countries are, and that can only be done by making people more educated and independent, telling the true meaning of Independence.

My glorious India,

The land of various Religion and Ethnicity;

We live together peacefully.

Greenery and Diversity,

Seen here is overwhelming.

Making India proud is our main objective,

Which can only be fulfilled,

With the help of education and values.

It clears voids of doubts,

Making us show where we’re going.

Not only education but other skills,

The manners, etiquettes, and non-verbal,

Which tells all the unwanted things.

Teaching and making everyone literate,

Is the only option that is left,

To make India proud again.

Placing it amongst the developed ones.

It is our duty to protect,

It is our duty to serve.

Doesn’t matter how difficult it might seem.

Don’t look back and never do stop.

I am ready to do any of this.

For my Bright India; I am the keeper,

For Dazzling India, I am the answer,

For Magnificent India, I am the Armor.

For Shining India, I am the defender;

I am… An Indian.


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