Harassment Treats All Genders Equally (Uncovered Aspects of Male Interest Protection)

Importance of PoSH Policy for Men.

The PoSH policy has covered a large percentage of female protection. But there is always the question of equality as to whether it covers men. As harassment treats all the genders equally.

Do you, as a male victim, want to know what can be done for you if justice is not served? Have you been a victim of sexual harassment for a long time but have been unable to speak up about it? Well, the revelation of many features of PoSH has left many issues unsolved.

Men’s safety is just as vital as women’s safety at work. And it’s past time to put this principle into practice.

Numerous instances of men being harassed at work have occurred. As many of us forget that harassment treats all the genders equally, let’s bring those unseen details out in this blog.

Some Common Harassing Behaviours Faced by Men at Work

1. Fakery

This is one of the most typical workplace practices. Women frequently mention fictitious sexual harassment allegations against males. So as to acquire money or have their image harmed.

This constitutes nothing more than a direct attack on the image of a man. Who, in the eyes of the law, is found guilty of doing nothing. Such men fall victim to forgery and are compelled to leave the organization or face severe punishment. That too for a crime they did not commit.

It is past time to address such concerns and implement a policy of evidence inspection to provide clarity.

2. Inadvertent touching

Some females misinterpret males’ inadvertent touches without thinking about it or even giving them an opportunity to speak. This offers them the ability to file a PoSH complaint to prove their case.

This is nothing short of harassment. And it also happens to males who are coerced into accepting a crime or aberrant behaviour they did not commit.

Women can be unreasonable and angry sometimes. So, they might make a huge deal out of something that doesn’t exist. As a result, safeguarding masculine interests is critical in this situation.

3. Intentional contact

Let’s look at an example to help us understand:

Himanshu was taking a leisurely walk in the company’s relaxing lobby one day. Shikha appeared from behind, hastily caressed Himanshu’s back inappropriately, and then walked away.

This caused Himanshu to second-guess whether or not he should approach the PoSH team for this intentional act of sexual touch. Himanshu’s other half of his brain also warned him. That if he had done the same thing with Shikha, she would have created a full-fledged sexual harassment situation. 

This is an example of male sexual harassment that occasionally occurs. But men often choose not to disclose it due to fear of being judged or facing retaliation with similar charges from the women’s side.

4. Forceful pleasure

This isn’t something that happens all the time, but it does happen. The following example can better represent this occurrence:

Sheetal accepted a job offer from a company in another country and decided to leave her former job. Her co-workers also decided to throw her a farewell party in the office. Seven females and four guys were present on the day of the farewell.

Sheetal’s dear friend Deepanshu was also there at the gathering. During the party, one of Sheetal’s friends, Malini, began pursuing Deepanshu in a sexual manner. Deepanshu disapproved of Malini’s behaviour and attempted to intervene.

Malini perceived this as a challenge to understand why Deepanshu, being a man, did not feel attracted. So she started making a scene out of it. Deepanshu now believes that his boundaries are being violated. And he feels the need for a strong policy or law to support him.

Malini proceeded to threaten Deepanshu, stating that she would file false sexual harassment charges against him. Despite the fact that Deepanshu himself was the one experiencing harassment.

This became a major source of concern. Moreover, Deepanshu felt helpless in determining which authority he could approach to resolve the situation properly.

This case exemplifies the necessity of PoSH for males. As it exposes how females can exploit the era of dispute and hypocrisy to their advantage.

How Important Is the PoSH Policy For Men?

The abovementioned incidents demonstrate that men are not exempt from sexual harassment.

Harassment treats all the genders equally and occurs unexpectedly. PoSH allows men to have a chance to stand up for themselves, speak up for their rights and safeguard their boundaries. But we must strengthen it to provide more clarity and openness.

The IC has a legal obligation to adopt natural justice principles. Also, we must encourage males to speak out against unjust practices. Some statistical studies have indicated that men experience more sexual harassment than women but do not report it.

PoSH for men would bring out:

  • Protection of mental health
  • Reputation preserved
  • Retention in the organization
  • Voicing out against unjust behaviour

The Balance of Law is Equal for All

Interest, as well as sexual protection of interest, is a necessity in the workplace for both men and women.

Most of the time, men suppress their feelings and voices for various reasons. It’s past time to put an end to this practice with the reinforcement of policies like PoSH for natural justice within the workplace.

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