Ways To Help Your Child In Homework

Ways To Help Your Child In Homework

Homework as the name suggests that the work which is to be done at home by kids. Usually, after the long schooling hours when it comes to the kids to go home and again do the allotted homework it becomes very difficult for them. You should help your child in Homework. In this blog, you will learn ways to do that.

Kids love playing more than doing home works. Ask any random kid and ask him about what he wants to do at home after he returns from his school? The only answer that would come for sure is playing only.

For every child major problem is like the statement of Albert Einstein “It’s not that I’m so smart,” “It’s just that I stay with my problems longer.” And one of the major problems children face is that they are having their homework.

Researches have proved that children are more motivated and productive when parents take an active interest in their homework. It makes the child feel that the work they do is very important and everyone notices their important work.

By this, I don’t mean that parents should spend hours sitting with their child while they are doing their homework and help them complete it. All I am saying is just to pay some amount of attention. They should help them by support, demonstrating study and organization skills, explaining a tricky problem, and sometimes to go around and have something different. Parents should encourage their children to take a break.

And at times you never know a parent could even learn a few things which an updated syllabus a student learns. So in all, it also helps the parents to learn something.

Ways in which a parent can help a student in doing their homework

1. Go to school and know the one who teaches

All parents need to know who is teaching their child and continuous meeting will help to build a relationship between child and teacher as the child actually at small age is not able to build relationships, so it becomes important for the parents to visit school, attend school events, such as parent-teacher conferences, to meet your child’s teachers. Ask about their homework policies and how a parent should be involved.

2. Children friendly environment

The parents need to make sure that a homework-friendly area should be there. It should not be like they feel a burden while doing homework.

Like in electronic devices as we want that the user interface should be user-friendly. In the same way, one should consider that kids have a well-lit place to complete homework.

A proper place to keep their accessories such as study books, stationery, and other amenities. It should also be taken into the point that they are within reach of the child.

3. A fixed duration for work

Like the way we work in our office for a fixed time, it goes the same for kids. Their study and play life balance should be properly organized. Also, one must keep in mind the time in which they work their best.

Some kids work best after lunch, followed by sleep, while others would love to work in the afternoon followed by a lay period. Others may prefer to wait until after dinner.

4. Prioritize and Schedule

Having enough time to complete homework and also to play for some time is very important. It is crucial to your child’s success. One of the most common reasons for poor grades is rushed work. A child does this whenever he is having a huge amount of homework. These little mistakes accumulate to very big mistakes in the life of children.

During the starting of each month help your children to prioritize tasks. Use these priorities in developing the complete monthly plan for the homework, extra assignments, extra-curricular activities.

Act as a project manager for your child. Also, make sure that a child doesn’t complete his work at the end of deadlines and make sure it remains out of distraction when they are working on their work.

5. Teach to stay ahead and stay differentiated

You must see that your child doesn’t copy some other work. It is the sole responsibility of the parents to see that he teaches his child to be different and not stand in queue one after another.

Also if your child completes his work a bit early and ahead of time you should teach him to go ahead one mile and achieve one more step. Teach your child the mantra of early preparation leads to success for sure.

6. Inspire, don’t nag

Like the five fingers of hands, all human beings are different in every aspect in their ways. All the children at the same moment cannot get inspiration for an equal amount. So at times, the situation might be that your child might not be inspired to do homework and needs help. It is your responsibility to inspire them and not to nag them.

As per the study by one American scholar, it is believed that almost more than 80% of child achievement in doing any work is based on parental inspiration.

7. Give a good example

Children are always fascinated by pictures and stories of old times. Old stories inspire them, and as a result, these stories set a good example for them.

Also, these stories emphasize a great impact on the mind and they start behaving like ideal characters. Also, kids are more likely to follow their parents’ examples than their advice.

8. Praise their work and efforts

It is very important to praise and acknowledge their work in front of friends, relatives, and others also. This praising helps them. It builds a sense of confidence in them and also it motivates them to work better next time.

Thus, it shows that parents must play a very important role in the education of a child. Also, there should be some things that parents should talk to his child’s teacher.

At times some kids have some problems in school and also some fights between friends make them feel bad. While talking about such problems the children express their feelings with their parents. As a result, a strong bond of relation establishes between parents and children.

Thus while doing homework there are a lot of things that come in between parents and teachers. Hence, a strong relationship between parents and children develops. Thus in this way, parents can help their children while doing their homework.


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