5 Hidden Tricks Of Applications


Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp are no longer just words, they are life. We are using them like a pro.  Moreover, we feel we are the master of it. It seems like we are using it for ages and we cannot live without it. Let us look at hidden tricks for some applications.

We all know the basics of these applications. Do we know about the hidden tricks? Are there any hidden tricks? There are.  Many regular users do not know about these tricks. So this will be an interesting piece of writing for all the social media lovers.

Some hidden tricks for you to discover

1. Facebook: Two Inbox

How many of you use Facebook to send messages to your friends? Many of you will be using it. Do you know Facebook has been filtering messages? Whenever your friend sends you a message, you get a notification in the message feed.

The message icon on the top shows the number of messages received. Anyone on Facebook can send you a message irrespective of whether they are friends with you or not. If an unknown person sends you a message it directly goes into a special inbox called “Message Request”.

This inbox shows all the messages received from unknown friends. Also, if you accept the request, it does not mean you accept their friend request. Similarly, there is another one called “ See filtered Requests”. This tool allows you to filter the messages from unwanted people as well as not to receive a message from people who are not your friends on Facebook.

2. WhatsApp: Storage and Data Check

WhatsApp is a widely used application for chatting. We all are hooked on our WhatsApp messenger for chatting and our fingers moving over the keypad. WhatsApp enables users to add images, videos, and various attachments.

Within the WhatsApp, we have the smiley store which we can use. In short, there is so much we can do with just one application. Have you ever notice your storage usage? You can check your storage usage by clicking the settings.

Settings> Data and Storage Usage> Storage Usage- You can check your chats arranged according to the storage consumed. Tap on the chat name to view details of the type of media used. You can even delete the media from the chat.

3. Instagram: Recorder Filter

Save your pictures from the option ‘save shared photos’. Load the pictures and apply your favorite filter. Before you share the picture, switch to airplane mode. The post will fail but your edited picture will be saved. Another trick is the recorder filter.

If your filter is down the list, you can arrange them so that they come first in the list. Scroll the filters and go down the list, you will see manage. Tap this and use the three lines to adjust the filter accordingly.

4. Twitter Analytics

There is so much about Twitter. The lists, hashtags, Conversations, keyboard shortcuts and mentions. There is a way to read your tweets, engagements, the biggest followers and much more. Use the Twitter Analytics tool.

This will show you a month-by-month stats of your Twitter account. You can also schedule your tweets using tools like HootSuite and Twuffer.

5. Hyper laps and Boomerang

Hyper laps, let’s you switch resolution from 720p to 1080p, adjust frame rate from 30 to 24fps and change the speed of the video.

Now when you know all about the hidden tricks of different applications. Make the most of it and enjoy a better experience with these applications and become a Happy User!

In conclusion, do not limit yourself to basic only, learn more interesting hidden tricks and have fun with applications.


  1. This is a great post- so clear and easy to follow .Thanks for the tons of tangible ,attainable help. All your hard work is much appreciated. i am looking to read plethora of articles like this, got lots of insight through this.


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