What Is & How To Be An Engineer?


What is Engineering?

Engineering is a branch of science that studies mechanisms or situations which help everyone in daily life.  Engineering, in other words, is often creating something completely new in the process.


Traditionally, engineering is about infrastructure. Engineering was known to be creating bridges and vehicles that got us from A to B faster more efficiently. Now, engineering is acknowledged as a discipline that provides opportunities and creates technology that makes our lives easier.

Helps in shaping the future

Engineering is shaping the future by applying skills to almost everything you can think of. From medicine to renewable energy. From food technologies to sustainable mining. There is no limit to what engineers can do.

Engineering is not about mechanical or technology, it’s about everything. It’s about a problem with no solution. Engineering is a process in which any problem is solved with the help of engineering principles.


The people who study engineering are “engineers”. With the help of engineering, engineers make things, they make things work and they make things work better. They use their creativity to design a solution to the world’s problem. Scientific and mathematical skills, principles, experiences, judgments, and common sense are the basic skills required to be in an engineer.

Now the question is, how to be an engineer?

Engineering is done in graduation as well as post-graduation. People can opt-out for either one of them or both. They can choose their field as per their wish. Students wishing to pursue engineering at the graduation level need to prepare for the entrances as early as school days.

Students applying for post-graduation in engineering or the doctorate should have a degree in engineering along with proper knowledge. Without these students won’t be able to compete for that much with others.

Branches/specialization of science, mathematics, and engineering-related course work and participation in programs that expose students to engineering concepts will give them exposure to university-level work.

Various fields an engineer can choose from

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering    
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Oceanic Engineering
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering

And many more.

Students can choose from all these branches/specializations.

More than twenty branches are there in the fields of engineering and engineering technology. In most countries, degrees in the different fields of engineering and engineering technology are accredited to ensure that the programs provide students with top-notch engineering education.

Select a degree field from the list below to find out more about the different engineering and engineering technology career paths.

They need to study for it because in India there so many engineering colleges but if you want to be in the best then you have to study for it.

Steps to be an engineer

1. First of all, make your mind

Firstly, make up your mind. Without making up your mind nothing will happen. Making up the mind for selecting such a course is important because if you don’t make up your mind before studying and selecting these courses then you will be in big trouble. Results will be devastating because of such a bad mistake because you don’t know what you are opting and after some time, you’ll notice that you are stuck and now you can’t do much.

2. Choose the field

Secondly, choose the field in which you want to be an engineer. Choosing a specialization will be helpful as it decides the future. Decide which type of engineer you want to become and apply to the colleges that specialization of your choice.  Most engineering courses focus on specialized modes of engineering once you get through the basic core courses.

3. Work hard to get into that college

Thirdly, After deciding the specialization, work hard to get into that college in which you want to study. As mentioned above that if you are studying in a good college then only you can make the difference otherwise you won’t be able to do it. And for good colleges, you have to study hard because almost every good college takes students based on some admission pre-test, and after clearing that test you will be able to get a call for counseling for admission.

4. Have a backup plan

In case you won’t be able to get admission to a top-notch college, still, you have to keep your backup plans ready. You should always have a backup plan before going for anything because in case you fail, you still have a plan to do something and go for it.

Taking admission is not the end of becoming an engineer, you have to go on and on. Getting admission is just one step of being an engineer, rest it depends on how well you perform in your academics.

Suppose you get admission to a good college but you are not able to study well and not able to learn from it than what’s the use of studying in a top-notch college. Learning the concept is the only thing that will help an engineer later in his/her professional life to solve critical problems.

5. Post-graduation planning

After studying you need to focus on your future. It includes making important decisions like deciding whether you want to go for post-graduation or placements straightaway.

Here you have to decide your strategies for the future. If you want to go for higher studies then you have to go for an entrance exam i.e. NET by which you’ll get admission in post-graduation. On the other hand, if you want to go for the job and don’t want to study more then you have to study hard and clear your concept for graduation so that you can clear your job process and can get a higher job.

6. Gaining work experience

Focus on getting a good internship so that you get a good job offer. Employers favor those who have both theoretical and practical knowledge. Indeed, many companies offer permanent jobs to graduates who’ve performed well on their internship and placement schemes.

Following these steps and adding one or more to these can help anyone in becoming a good engineer. So, what are you waiting for?

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