How Am I Helping Myself To Become A Content Writer? My Personal Experience

I hope my experience will help you too!

The most common question today is “how to become a content writer with no experience? I would like to share my personal experience.

There is a lot of speculation about content writing on the internet. Things like what content writing is and how much it pays.


If content writing is even a stable position fit for a full-time job. It’s often difficult to determine which advice to follow, especially, when most of the answers are vague and shallow without specific directions. In this article, I will share my opinions and experience of being a content writer. Also, I will try to summarize the useful tips which may help aspirants. Do you know about What is & How To Be A Content Writer?

What is the content?

Content is anything that will both inspire and be a reliable source of information to the target audience. It can also be motivational or convince your audience to take a specific course of action. Many people have the idea that content writing is all about repeating keywords a bunch of times to please the search engines. But that is not the case.

Adding value to the content and creating utility is the correct approach to follow.

Also, content writing has nothing to do with exceptional creative writing. You are trying to build trust and solve problems on behalf of your target audience. True, being a little creative will help make your writing interesting, but content writing does not totally rely on being a splendid author with an amazing imagination. Often, the requirements are a sound grasp of the language and good grammar. Clear and lucid writing is more advantageous than knowledge of fancy words.

So, do not be discouraged if you do not have an English degree. Everyone can be a content writer with practice and patience.

Content Writing as a Career

It is not unheard of that people are making a successful living while being a content writer, especially in this digital age. But I would not limit myself to it.

The good side of content writing is that it can be done from anywhere around the globe and at any stage of your life. You can pursue it as a part-time job or in the form of internships.

I did one at, where you are currently present. Initially, I was given a document or you may say a guideline to follow. The guidelines helped me understand the various ways I could write? How could I engage users? How can I make content optimized for the search engine? This sounds technical, but it was simple when the team guided me.

Most of the content writing that I have pursued can be termed as “temporary gigs”. Content writing gives you a chance to multitask, i.e. you can pursue a lot of opportunities at the same time. Content writing is more apt to the group of jobs classified as freelancing.

Content writing indeed has a huge market nowadays, both in India and around the globe. Freelancing is also becoming a better option both for employees and companies that hire them. But if you are starting from scratch, it is better to explore your options a little. There are many opportunities to explore.

How to start Content Writing as a career?

Starting and being consistent in your efforts is the most difficult part of most ventures. When you are a new content writer with no experience, it is difficult to get paid jobs.

This is when you start building a portfolio. A portfolio will show your abilities and make it easier for people to trust you with responsibilities. Creating a few blog posts (you can see mine here on Edu4Sure), posting some of your previous works or articles will help. There will be times when the employers will look for specific degrees of a certain field like the psychology of engineering.

But there will also be opportunities where you can start without any specific knowledge about a certain field. There are a lot of websites that hire content writers like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Content writing as a part-time job?

As a student, I can’t devote all my time to content writing. But I love to read and express myself through writing so working on a couple of internships which last about a month or so is right up my alley. If you too are in college or school, you can start by applying to internships online through apps. You can also pursue your passion for writing offline by creating articles and contributing to newspapers or magazines. Again, setting up a blog is useful too. It is free and you can write at your own pace. When you are new at this, you probably won’t have the opportunity to monetize your blog but still, it will add to your career and your writing skills.

As for me, I find that on top of my good grasp of language and grammar, various certification programs will help my CV to stand out. There are numerous courses on content writing that explain technical terms like SEO, CMS, Keyword Research, etc. And investing my time in these courses help me earn credibility as a content writer.

Finally a few tips for all the aspiring content writers out there. While it is important to flex your writing skills, even more, important is not to neglect your reading. Only a voracious reader will be able to improve his writing by bringing in more life to it.

It is crucial to know how to research relevant topics to your content. Content that is based on good research will have positive feedback. I find it helpful when you have an account for all the popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc. I do not hesitate to accept the opportunities that come my way. Working hard will always pay off in the end. I also thank Edu4Sure for providing me an opportunity and guidance which is finally helping me to become a content writer.

So, I hope this will surely help you to understand how to become a content writer with no experience?

The above experience is shared by Shreya Mitra.

She is a student of economics, currently pursuing my masters from Calcutta University. She loves to read and creates interesting content. As an aspiring content writer, she hopes to become a successful writer in the future.

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