How Can Students Utilize The Lockdown Period?


COVID-19 is the talk of the town right now, and why not?! Coronavirus has hacked our daily life by affecting several cities and countries around the globe. It paves its way to us every day through newspapers, news channels, and social media. This pandemic is a harsh reality. Accepting it and taking adequate measures is the only way to come out safe.

The lockdown announced by the government has put a pause on everyone’s fast-paced life. At such a point, one of the most common queries among students is how to utilize this time well?

Staying locked down at home is not as easy and might adversely affect one’s mental health. One of the best ways to avoid negative thoughts is to stay as occupied as possible.

While I do understand it is a hard time for India and the world but let’s try it look at it from a different perspective.

Recall all the moments you have a complaint about lack of time. Well, now you’ve got plenty. This is the right time to work on things you always wanted to. Yes, no more lack of time to complain about. This lock-down is an opportunity forever!

How can you utilize your time well?

1. Read

I love novels and try to read as much as I can. However, the truth be told, a normal day doesn’t give as much time as I (as a reader, in my quest to see how my novel unfolds) would want. This is the right time for me and a lot of you out there to read all those kept under the shelves.

The importance of reading can never be stated sufficiently. Even if you’re not an avid reader, you can begin reading. It will be like a new habit you inculcated.

2. Take online classes

No, I am not talking about your college classes (Although, that should be taken as well).

Here, I am talking about online classes of something you have interest in or something you wanted to learn more about or something that is going to aid your CV and supplement your career and future.

Would you like to take a look at the Pros And Cons Of Online Courses?

3. Do internships

Cancellation of their internships due to the outbreak has disheartened a lot of college students but hang on, isn’t there something you are missing out on?

Virtual or work from home internships can prove to be equally efficient and at this time, an excellent way to utilize your time.

I too have been interning with Edu4sure and hence would highly recommend doing an internship as it helps me feel occupied, satisfied, and productive by the end of each day.

4. Pick up a habit

If reading is not something that you’re able to get along with, try to inculcate a hobby and build on it. A few suggestions are dancing, singing, painting, cooking, writing, playing an instrument, etc. The idea is to stay occupied and content at the same time.

Hours of Netflix and prime will help you stay occupied but if you feel a lack of contentment, the above mentioned is what you can do.

(I do not condemn the viewing of these streaming sites; I am just simply stating the harm of excess of anything)

5. Study

In all this mayhem, do not forget that we’re all students, and academics are a crucial part of our lives. Neglecting studies completely will lead to adverse effects on our personal and academic growth.

During the day, take out time (from the plenty you have) to study. The world is going to come back on track and education will still be as or even more important post that.

Begin today. Have exactly 1 week of consistency. See yourself develop a new habit or get set in a routine.

Tip: Maintain a diary and make a note of what you’ve done each day and what you have to do the next day.

All the above-mentioned tips were to keep yourself occupied and do something productive, However, I do understand that some people are more sensitive than others and may not able to carry on their usual lives as easily; and I also understand that it’s a tough time for each one of us.

The above activities are written in the spirit to keep everyone occupied simply because:

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop!


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