How To Choose A Coaching Institute?


Coaching institute, when we heard this name what is the first thing that comes in our mind? Is it an institute where we go and study for some competitive exams and have a hope that studying in this coaching institute can help me clear the entrance exam. Coaching institutes are run by alumni of some college or a startup or it can be anything so we need to choose the right coaching institute for yourself.

We have to be very choosy while choosing coaching how to choose a coaching institute and there are several ways by which we can decide whether this coaching institute is good for me or not?

How To Choose a Coaching Institute?

1. Faculty

First and the most important is faculty. Without faculty, there is nothing in a coaching institute. We need to know how the faculty of this coaching institute is and how they teach. Now the questions come in mind that how to know the faculty of the coaching institute?

The best way to know this is to just contact a former student and ask for his/her review and if you find his/her review well enough then only you may join that coaching institute.

2. Past Records

Second is the track record of the coaching institute. Experienced/older/established coaching institutes always have an edge over new coaching institutes. You have to inquire about how much the experience this coaching institute has. What experience they have in grooming their students best for their exams.

For this, try to look into their track records, i.e. how many students were enrolled for a course, like, how many were successful, what percentage of students secured ranked within top 1000 or top 500 or 100. In this matter do not go only by testimonials or reception desk of the coaching institute.

Forgetting this data you can try the internet for records or information that you need. A relative or friend whose ward has earlier cleared such exams may guide you well in this regard.

3. Brand Name

Brand name and fees structure of the coaching institute. You need to know about these two parameters.  Suppose a big brand name coaching institute is charging some xy0000 amount of money and on the side, a newly started coaching institute is charging more money than that good setup institute.

You need to reason behind this. Why an old reputed coaching institute is not charging that much. One reason behind this can be that their faculties are now not that good enough and by lower fees, they want more students.

4. Batch Strength

Seating structure and batch strength: you need to know about the batch strength of a coaching institute.

Suppose there are two coaching institutes. One is having batch strength of 60 students in a class and the other one is having batch strength of around 150+ students in a class, and the second one is a well-reputed coaching institute. So which one you will choose? By going a brand name you will choose second but looking at the strength at the batch strength you’ll choose the first one. In this type of situation, you need to make the decision wisely.

5. Study Material

Does the coaching institute provide quality study material after every class and some weeks later? You need to know how effective is their study material and has a library of important books.

Most coaching houses provide the study material which may be theoretical as well as may be little practical in the form of study papers and books which are fulfilled with solved as well as unsolved questions with there answers. You should get information about study material before joining that coaching institute.

The best quality study material is the ones in which the problem level varies from easy to difficult. In fact tests like IITJEE, CAT & AIPMT, etc. also have problems with different intelligence levels. Also, do they provide online test series or not?

6. Test Series

Do coaching institutes take the test of students and do they evaluate them?

Different coaching institute has different ways to monitor the performance of their students. They conduct several tests that may be online or offline for evaluating the performance of the candidate.

Like TIME has a series of online tests for IITs, CAT, XAT exams and these online tests are quite tougher than original exams. In this way, they evaluate their students and rank them accordingly.

7. Class Timings

Timing of classes and traveling time: this is also an important parameter to check whether we should go for this coaching institute or not. The timing of classes should be perfectly suitable for you so that you get enough time to study at home as well. Traveling time is another factor that needs to be considered.


These are the main factors that a student and his parents must check before choosing a coaching institute. After checking all these factors, you can go to a coaching institute. In the end, choosing a good coaching institute will be beneficial for you. They determine how you will think about a concept and also, about life, to some extent. After all, right career path leads to right career choice!


  1. Choosing a coach or a coaching is one of difficult task, directly related to future. Most of time it give anxiety, this article is guide to all issues related to it.


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