How To Choose Right Candidate?


Who is the right person who can be entrusted with the task of organization handling? This is a question that haunts every Manager who needs to hire employees for his organization. The fear is justified too. It is the quality of employees one hires, which will determine the quality of the organization. So, how to choose the right candidate for the job?

Moreover hiring great employees is an arduous task. It requires a lot of time, efforts and money. Further, the training and induction of hired employees require a lot of resources.

There lies several challenges faced by the recruitment teams every time. This implies that the concerned authorities should hire employees with due caution. Otherwise, it would amount to wastage of not just resources but also efforts. Do you know about the problems in the recruitment industry and the possible solutions?

What one should do to prevent the wastage of resources

1‌. Intellectual as well as psychological skills

While hiring an employee one should undertake an in-depth study. For instance, for hiring people to hold key positions in the public sector, they are made to go through a variety of tests that examine their intellectual as well as psychological skills.

2. Aptitude and personality tests

‌Aptitude tests and personality tests help the employer to collect more data concerning the candidate. The aptitude test becomes all the more necessary because it throws light on the learning ability of the candidate.

3. Aptitude for learning

‌The business environment is becoming increasingly dynamic. It is very important to hire those employees whose talents and skills can be polished with pieces of training. Hiring someone who doesn’t have an aptitude for learning new skills would imply storing outdated talent with the competitors easily stealing out the opportunities. It is well known that an opportunity missed, implies a heavy cost for the company’s future.

‌Such kind of tests helps in weeding out those candidates whose skill set doesn’t match with the requirements of the position.

4. Variety of interviews

‌Next comes the interview phase, a wide variety of interviews can be conducted to bring out the real talent and skill set of the candidate. Telephonic interviews, personal interviews, panel interviews, informal interviews, etc can be conducted.

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5. Working environment

‌The employer should be familiar with the position for which he is hiring the person. Also, he must create an environment that is healthy enough to make the candidate comfortable. It’s only then, he would be able to open up to the employer.

6. Avoid predetermined mindset

‌Next, the employer should not be judgemental. He should hear the stance of the candidate very carefully and should refrain from forming a predetermined mindset.

7. Break the bias

Sexism, Racism, Casteism, Communalism and so many other awful biases in the world!

‌Biases are another important factor that can hinder the recruitment process. The employer should not have bias-ness towards a specific gender or group – particularly women. Otherwise, this would defeat the purpose of free and fair recruitment. In fact women from every corner of the world today are realising and demanding their equal rights and what we need to do is – Break the Bias.

Being a recruiter is not an easy task. You have to ardently look for and recruit candidates, check their resumes, prepare interviews and then try to find the best one for a certain job position. No matter how hard you prepare for the recruiting process, it is the small details of this process that usually go awry and which can make a recruiter lose a valuable candidate.

Thus, the employer should always conduct a comprehensive interview. Also, the employer must convey all the information about the job, environment and work culture to the candidate. This would avoid wastage of time, of both the parties.

It is crucial to choose the right candidate, for the right job at the right time. His skills should be honed with relevant pieces of training. This would help in ensuring success for the organization and the growth of the employees.


  1. It is really difficult to pick the perfect candidate on the basis of a piece of paper. It’s true, one must conduct a comprehensive interview. Very well put.


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