How To Deal With Bad-tempered Employees To Resolve Conflict?

One of the most difficult task!

No two individuals are the same. They may be alike, but they will not be the same. This is the only point that you need to keep in mind while reading this blog.

We all are different. This is the main reason that there are conflicts between us. Moreover, every person has his own personality and characteristics. Everyone has his own style of working. Each individual has a certain temperament and work ethic. 

Many studies have shown that employees face various interpersonal conflicts at work. This is mainly due to bad temper. There are various employees who have bad tempers. They encourage unnecessary drama, create tension, and do not show cooperation. Hence, they are even referred to as problematic employees.

We are sure you must have come across a problematic employee at least once in your life. Didn’t you?

How to Deal with Bad-tempered Employees

1. Opt for an open-door policy

Open door policy acts as a key factor for motivating employees. In order to generate a friendly environment and ensure employee well-being, one must opt for an open-door policy. This directly makes the managing authority more approachable.

Opting for an open-door policy also ensures employees that they have direct support. They have someone to whom they can reach out. They also get to know that feedback is welcome.

An open door policy helps in bridging the gap between direct communication with the managing authorities. Also, there is less wastage of time as the decision is taken then and there.

2. Become a good listener

One can avoid an entire conflict just by becoming a good listener. Not only in professional but also in personal life, one should act respectfully towards other people by listening to and understanding their opinions. 

Instead of arguing with other employees, one can also choose the other way around. One can simply listen and understand the point that his colleague may be trying to convey. This may prevent a conflict from happening.

3. Discuss solutions together

In order to wipe out bad tempers and encourage a calm temperament amongst employees, practising teamwork is the best option available. Practising teamwork helps in building closer relationships among employees. Teamwork indirectly increases acceptance and tolerance for other people’s opinions. Moreover, all employees get to know each other better.

4. Encourage professional behavior rather than personal behavior

Your colleagues are associated with your work life. They have nothing to do with your personal life, and vice versa. They may be an important part of your life. However, this is because you work together. It is okay if you are personally connected with them. Moreover, personal matters can take place after office hours are over. Hence, you should maintain a balance between your personal and professional lives.

And because we are talking about work, make sure you encourage professional behavior. Behave professionally with your employees and expect the same from them.

Some additional warnings to prevent conflicts

  1. Never ignore complaints about physical or sexual harassment.
  2. Inform security about potentially dangerous employees.
  3. Do not entertain irrational or violent employees.

These were some tips for dealing with bad-tempered employees to resolve conflict. However, there can be more ideas to deal with. 

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