How To Improve Oral Communication Skills?


Before we understand the need for oral communication skills, we must know what is oral communication. We will also discuss how to improve oral communication skills?

So what is oral communication or spoken communication?

Oral Communication is the process of expressing ideas, emotions, information, and data by means of spoken words. A means of communication which is used more frequently to communicate with people.

We often opt for oral communication above any other means of communication, as it is better to understand and comfortable. For Example, If you haven’t talked with your friend for many months and now you are willing to talk to him. So, tell me, which means of communication will you prefer the most? Of course, oral communication. Isn’t it?

I know some of you said, “Written communication” (Smiling)! This is also possible.

However, the point is oral communication is faster, clear and gives you a clear understanding of the tone of the discussion. 

We also must improve our oral communication because that will surely help you in conveying your message especially when you are in professional talks.

Many of us ask is there really a need to improve oral communication skills?

Let’s understand through an example. Sanjana was expert in coding. She had made several websites. She was looking for a job change for a better salary and profile. 

One fine day, Sanjana got an interview call from a reputed company because she had passed the written test. On interview day, she came unprepared thinking of ‘I know how to communicate and I don’t need any practice’. But due to her oral communication skills, she was not able to impress the panel and negotiate on salary. 

It is clear from the above example, why improving your oral communication skills is a must. Even getting a well-written score, you may fail in an interview.

But, How To Improve Oral Communication Skills?

Oral Communication holds varied significance in different contexts! So it is crucial to understand the topic and its relevance. Accordingly one must include himself in communication.

There are ways to improve your oral communication skills.

1. Listen Actively

Listening is a better practice that will help you to train yourself for oral communication and effective conversations. Initially, it may happen to you that words might feel unfamiliar and you might not able to comprehend everything at once. However, gradually you will learn. Listening to speeches, presentations, English movies, or English Songs will help you a lot. 

In case you are someone whose tongue suprresses your ears, do you want to know How To Improve Listening Skills?

2. Read As Much As You Can

You should be consistent to read regularly, which eventually will enhance your vocabulary and your oral communication skill too. You can read newspapers, articles, magazines, novels, Sci-Fi, or self-help books. This will develop your thinking process and improve your skills for gathering ideas and expressing your words.

3. Engaging in Discussions And Debates

You should engage in debates and discussions organized in your schools/colleges. If you have a few willing friends, who also want to boost up their oral communication skills, then you and your friends must plan a debate/discussion over a most recent topic/problem around you. Such an exercise will make your reasoning skills and problem skills sharper which will help enhance your skills.

4. Make Some Mental Notes

You must always have organized thoughts while you are about to get a conversation with someone. You should always be prepared about what you are going to talk about. It is useful for better communication with the person, making your impression as a good communicator.

5. Keep Your Tone Under Control

It is crucial to understand that your tone can bring a whole lot of a change into your conversation with a person. You should always have a mild tone while communicating. If your tone while having a conversation is harsh, it will create a negative impression and would affect your conversation as well.

6. Don’t Get Off On Tangents

Oral Communication is quite different from other forms of communication as it is easier to get off the topic, which makes harder for the listener as well as yourself to realize what was the conversation really about? This might make your listener confuse, so always stick to the topic.

7. Be Concise And Clear

You should not be confusing while having a conversation. Your words or thoughts must not offend the listener in any way, therefore always keep the audience in mind. Your thoughts must be concise about the topic of conversation, this will lead to a better understanding of the listener and would make the conversation fruitful.

8. Pace Your Words

During any conversation, the pace of the speaker plays an important role, i.e, if the speaker is faster than the usual, the audience may miss some points and would create confusion, while if the speaker is slower, the audience/listener would feel bored or may feel tired of listening to you. Therefore, speak at a normal pace, relevant enough to convey the correct message to the listener/audience.

These are a few tips regarding how to improve oral communication skills, which can be kept in mind so that your conversation always remains fruitful towards the results.

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