How To Improve The Writing Skills Of A Child?

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It is important to improve the writing skills of a child. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Either, write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” 

We will share the story of a boy to understand the value of writing skills. So, there was a boy named Arun. He was very intelligent and sharp-minded.

He used to be the first one in the class to raise his hand whenever the teacher asked a question.

So where was the problem?

His writing skills were not good.

Whenever he used to give a test or exam, it was a big challenge for the teachers to read what he had written and understand that. So sometimes Arun lost marks in the exams due to his poor handwriting and writing skills.

Surprisingly it is a very common problem for parents these days that their children have poor handwriting, are unable to frame proper sentences, have poor grammar etc. Moreover, in whatever profession you go into, you need good writing skills.

So, how to improve the writing skills of a child?

Improve Handwriting

Firstly, you need to improve the handwriting of the child. Therefore, give him practice sheets, practice books or workbooks to write again and again. Hence, the more he writes, the more his handwriting will improve. Also, teach him the proper way of forming the alphabet.

Base of Grammar

To improve the writing skills of a child, the base of the grammar of any language should be strong. So, make your child understand the basics of grammar like tenses, verbs etc.

Build Vocabulary

Build vocabulary by adding words to his knowledge. For example, give him a task to read his favourite book or any other book or newspaper or dictionary to make his vocabulary strong. Because he will be able to write only when he has words to his knowledge. So, this is an important step towards improving the writing skills of a child.

Write short sentences

Encourage him to start writing short sentences. Then switch to short paragraphs and then to big paragraphs.

Letters, e-Mails, Essays

Give your child the opportunity to write on those topics which attract him. For example, tell your child to write an invitation to his friend to invite him to his birthday party, a letter to grandparents to visit your house etc. This is an interactive way to improve the writing skills of a child.

Revision by writing

When you revise his syllabus for an exam/test, instead of listening, tell him to write and let him correct the mistakes himself or you can correct them.

Focus on pronunciation

Teach him correct pronunciation. If he spells the word wrong, the possibility is there that he will write wrong as well. So, sit along with him and spell yourself first and then tell him to spell it. This can be difficult and discouraging but it is an important step towards improving the writing skills of a child.

Develop reading habits

Provide your child with different kinds of books like moral storybooks, and books by different authors to develop reading habits. If the kid is a teenager, novels, and biographies of eminent persons can be of great help. Reading will improve his pronunciation, grammar, and framing of sentences part.

Sit and correct the mistakes

Sit with the child and tell him about his mistakes with politeness. Usko bolo, ”Tumne bahut achcha likha hai, bus ye thoda sa aise likhna tha”. This way you are correcting him by praising him. So, using this method you are encouraging to improve the writing skills of the child. 

Discourage the use of the internet

These days most students depend on the internet for any stuff they need. Don’t let them do this. Tell them to read books only. The Internet will make them confused. Encourage them to use textbooks, use the library, the dictionary or any other books to improve their writing skills.

Way of writing

Shabdoon se khelna he to likhne ki kala hei.

Once you have made your child’s grammar, and vocabulary strong, and improved his handwriting and pronunciation, the last thing to teach him is the way of writing.

There are a number of different ways to write. Tell him the difference between a letter, paragraph, essay, invitation, advertisement etc. This will improve his writing skills.

Now that your child knows how to write, it is as important to be a good public speaker. So, here’s a blog on how your child can become a good public speaker.

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