How To Incorporate Whole Brain Thinking?

Simple and Easy!

I hope you read the previous blog on Whole Brain Thinking. You must be familiar with it.

Teaching that includes various whole-brain thinking techniques is called Whole Brain Teaching. It promotes hyper-focused techniques of Teaching. Teachers use visual and motivational methods for increasing their student’s engagement. 

Whole Brain Thinking has various benefits. Teachers are willing to incorporate Whole Brain Thinking in their teaching methods. I am sure that you are also thinking about how to incorporate Whole Brain Thinking! However, it is not as difficult as you think. 

You just need to have the plan to incorporate whole-brain thinking while training your learners. All you need to do is create a way of learning that engages your learners. Maximum Engagement of your learners should be your main objective. 

How to Incorporate Whole Brain Thinking in your training?

1. Understand your present training strategy

You might be providing text-based training to your learners. It is possible that you must be following traditional or old methods of training. It is because you are familiar with and habitual of them. However, you need to first understand and analyze your current training strategy. This is the first step for incorporating whole-brain thinking in your teaching methods. You need to know and switch to the strategy on which you rely the most.

This will help you in identifying the quadrant on which you are focusing. Also, it will let you focus on the quadrant which is being neglected.

2. Strategize integration of whole brain practices

You need to strategize the integration of whole-brain practices in your teaching methods. You should plan and create content that covers more than one quadrant of the brain. This will help you in ensuring maximum engagement. Find ways to connect different quadrants to each other. This will be great for incorporating whole-brain thinking techniques into your teaching methods.

3. Keep testing and iterating

Experimenting with your delivered training is the main trick of Whole Brain Thinking. You need to constantly reinvent your training techniques. Make sure you implement creative ways of teaching. Try to assess your trainers by testing them. Keep on repeating it. This will lead to maximum engagement between you and learners.

4. Do not overstuff things

As discussed in the first point you may be following old methods of teaching. But instead, you need to develop creative ways of teaching.

It is possible that all your content may or may not be moldable. It cannot be modified according to each quadrant. In this case, you don’t need to worry. Some concepts are to be taught and delivered in a particular way. It is completely okay if they cannot be modified. 

Moreover, you should focus on finding an appropriate spot for those topics. Make sure you do not overstuff things. Overstuffing things will reduce learners’ engagement.


Whole Brain Thinking is a very smart method for achieving desired results. It will not only benefit the learners but the trainers as well. Investing time in learning Whole Brain Thinking is completely worth it.

I hope you liked these ways of incorporating Whole Brain Thinking in your teaching methods. These ways will surely help you in doing the same if implemented in an appropriate manner. 

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