How To Learn Maths?


What is Mathematics?

Mathematics is an important subject in our curriculum at schools. It is the most difficult subject of all and also treated as the major one. Maths is important, You can do without other subjects at one point of time but not with mathematics. So how to learn maths?

Mathematics also helps us in our daily lives, the small calculations to be done while grocery, and other stuff from the market. The role of mathematics is also vital from the money point of view. If you know maths well you can easily calculate the balance and other calculations. No one can forge you, cheat you in money matters or any other.

Two sides of Maths

Some people like maths and are a pro in it while others hate it. They find it difficult to solve mathematics complex problems. It is a nightmare for some people.

They run away from it. But some people love maths. They solve all the problems in one go. They enjoy doing it and it’s like a fun game for them.

One can be a pro in maths and can start loving it. All you need is a little patience, mind, and concentration. It demands the presence of mind and the understanding of the concept. It is very important that you understand the concept, the rule, algorithm and then try to solve the questions.

Mathematics is a tricky subject. A lot of minds and creativity go to solve the problems and master the art. There is no fixed rule to solve the problem. There can be different ways and solutions to one problem and you need to know all the possible solutions and ways to solve the problem. Knowing the correct method is very important.

Mathematics is not always a game of hit and try. Sometimes all your hits and try may fail. This may make you feel frustrated and anxious. Don’t worry keep calm and try again, You will find the way and will Succeed!

Mathematics is an abstract science of numbers, quantity, and space either as abstract concepts (Pure mathematics, or as applied to other disciplines such as physics and engineering(applied maths).

How to master the subject breaking the myths

1. Breaking the myth and loving the subject

First and foremost step in the process of learning mathematics is by breaking the myth it is difficult, I cannot do it and many other notions and also to start loving and liking the subject. Take away the fear of maths within you.

2. Understanding the concept

Maths is a practical subject, you cannot mug up things or learn things as you would do for other subjects. It is important to learn the concepts, understand the concept and the logic behind the concept.

3. Keep a separate list of important formulas and concepts

You should know all the formulas, algorithms so that it is easier for you when you solve the questions. Revise them daily and also know their application well.

As said above, you must know the application of each formula, theory, etc. Master the application. It is very useful in solving the questions. If you know the formulae and application you can easily solve the question. You can look up various tips and tricks to increase your memory so that you can memorize these formulas easily!

4. Clear your doubts

Do not hesitate to ask questions when in doubt. You should ask a question at the very same time the doubt arises in your mind or you are stuck with a problem. It will help you to know the cause of the problem, how to solve it. If left it will never be solved again and you will not be able to solve the problem and learn maths.

5. Learn the basics

To learn mathematics, you must first learn and clear the basic concepts. The rule of multiplication, division, tables. The base is the foundation, if the base is strong, your maths will be strong and it will help you in higher studies.

6. Solve questions

As soon as you finish one topic, make a habit to solve all the questions of the exercise given at the back of the chapters. Solve all the questions at the very same time you learn the concept as it will be fresh in your mind and do it genuinely.

7. Practice

Practise makes a man perfect. One good way to learn maths is through practice. Practice as much as you can. Practice extra questions, question banks from different books. The variety of questions you practice, the better you are with the concept.

8. Time

Keep a watch with you to note down the time you take to solve the questions. You should know the time spent by you in solving the question and the actual time that needs to be spent in solving the question. Were you able to solve the question or not.

Practice and master the concepts of algebra, trigonometry, they are useful in higher-level mathematics. It is not very tough and with practice and patience, you can easily learn even difficult mathematics.

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  1. Maths is very difficult but if you like the subject and make it your favourite then it will become the easy to understand it …..this blog of edu4sure help many students and people to learn math easily.


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