How To Organize A College Event?


There is no denying the fact that the most important learning in management comes from working in a team or a group. What could be a more overwhelming experience as working in a team while organizing an event in college? So, how to organize an event in college?

Events are fun though. You learn a lot of things. You work close to the people you don’t like much, you do things out of your comfort zone, you work in a highly competitive environment, etc. Events vary from workshops, performances, guest lectures, storytellings, etc.

How to organize an event in college – 4 phases

  1. Purpose or Idea
  2. Budget
  3. Planning
  4. Execution

Now, let’s talk about these factors in detail.

1. Purpose or Idea

It’s the initial phase where you think about the big “why”. Why do you want to organize this event? What kind of audience will you target? What’s the value proposition of this event to the audience?

Given the size and the diversity of college students, this phase becomes even more critical because you will look after different people groups like sports, art, and theater, academics, etc.

Once you have decided on the purpose of the event, contact your advisor. They have got experience helping groups put together successful events.  After their consent, you can think about the next phase which is budgeting.

2. Budget 

While organizing an event in college, it won’t be wrong to admit you will have a very limited budget.

See if a college administration can provide financial help. Most colleges have reserved funds to help students in their events. You may also engage in some fundraising, wherein you can ask students to chip in some money. The most effective way of raising funds is by getting sponsors.

Now, the question comes how do you look for sponsors?

The answer would be gone and pitch in your event ideas to the companies that are related to the event you are organizing. Show them presentations or brochures whichever is applicable. Try to make presentations sponsor specific. For instance, if you are expecting a huge crowd then go to Reliance Jio if you are organizing a fashion show event then go to lo’real etc.

This process should start well before so that if any complications occur can be handled in time.

3. Planning

It’s the most important phase of event management because it underlines the strategy on which the whole event will work.

Some few tips will help in planning your event:

a) Decide time and place

Create a timeline. What all will happen and when it’s going to happen? While selecting date and time keep the students time table in your mind, you don’t want to make students choose between their studies and your event.

There are many places available in colleges where you can organize your event for example auditorium, seminar hall, activity plaza, lounge, ground, etc. Select one according to your requirements. Remember to take permission from concerned authorities well in advance to avoid complications. 

b) Create teams

Form different teams so that work will get split up and can be done quickly. For example, the marketing and promotion team will go and get sponsors while the finance team will look after the budget. Let an experienced person coordinate all the activities.

c) Consider logistics

The bigger your event the more logistics you will need. Logistics will include lights, chairs, stage, clean up, camera, transportation, etc.

d) Decide who will be your guest of honor

e) Have a backup plan

“Anything that can happen will happen” so be prepared beforehand for everything. If band performing is coming late play your iPod and entertain the crowd.

4. Execution

In this phase, you need to stay calm because here you can break down if things go south. Everything will be fine.

  1. Keep checking with the teams.
  2. Set periodic meetings.
  3. Visit the venue regularly.
  4. Ask for volunteers, provide them certificates and trust a lot of students will come forward for certificates.
  5. Extensive marketing and promotion: Speak it out loud. Do marketing as much as you can. Go online- hit social media and e-mails, go offline- posters and word of mouth, etc.
  6. Maintain a checklist of activities that you have been doing.

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  1. Well explained..
    I have organised college events well. But when i read this blog i learned so much new things. It is so helpful for me

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  4. organizing a event is very important for a student it basically
    proves your leadership skills and gives you a once-in-a-while experience,
    thanks for the suggestions it really helps.

  5. A detailed and interesting blog explaining how to organize a college event where we learn a lot of things. Really useful tips to use.

  6. The most important learning in management comes from working in a team. And one of the most important thing in organizing a college event is looking for sponsors and that is very well explained through this article.

  7. Informative and Interesting blog post. Organizing College Events requires a good and creative idea, its proper planning and road mapping , Budget planning and finally execution of planned idea. All phases explained in article contains all necessary information.

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