How Can We Help Our Parents Learn “Mobile Apps” Usage?


Being born in the technology era have you ever thought about your parents who are not of this era? My parents don’t know much about computers & mobile app usage. They’re barely able to operate my smartphone as they belong to a semi-urban area. I’m always the one they call for help. While I don’t mind helping them, I think it would be better if they learned a few skills.

How can I bring my parents into the technical age without frying their brains?

I always wanted to have a day in my life when my parents don’t need my help with their work. But how can I do this????

They know that the mobile world is a powerful thing. Also, they know that I am the best person to tell them exactly how to use it. They know that only I can help them learn mobile app usage. Teaching my parents about mobile apps will be a huge task but I know that my parents are great learners.

Teaching my father is not that tough as my father is a B.A graduate in agriculture. He was always interested in learning about smartphones and all of its uses. One time I taught him about how to use an agriculture-related app launched by our Prime minister and I was fascinated by seeing how fast he learned it.

When my father had his first smartphone, he doesn’t even know how to operate it properly but now he is doing quite well.

On the other side, things were different in the case of my mom. She is a housewife with the education of up to class 12th. She belongs to a kind who are afraid of technology. Teaching my mom about all this technology is like digging a barren land with bare hands.

But somehow I taught her day by day how to use it like from group messaging, conference call, storing and saving a new contact in her old phone.

Now, the question arises how can we do this?

If I can do it, anyone can. First of all, what I did is I used to relate everything of a smartphone with some daily useful work like paying the mobile bill via Paytm or buying groceries via Big Basket. By this, they learn it so fast and have an urge to learning more.

When my father got his first smartphones in the early 2000s, that time I was not grown up and that time technology is not that emerged but still, my father manages his ways of learning all the features of that phone. Same with my mom she learned automatically but when it comes to smartphones then there is a problem.

How can we help them learn mobile app usage

1. Buy them a smartphone

In case they are already using a non-smartphone, let them continue using that phone. But also, buy them a new smartphone and explain to them one or two features a day and let them explore.

2. Make them use it daily

Within a month or two, you would have taught them most of the basic features like payment or online shopping or maybe booking via the internet like Goibibo, Redbus, etc. and they would be quite comfortable with them. And now, force the parents to start using the phone daily.

3. Keep a track 

One way is telling them which we discussed earlier in the above point, another way can be is like leaving them with a smartphone with some useful apps and asked them to use it, if they say no which they will guarantee to say but still force them to use it. After a while notice them and check what they are doing or even check the phone and notice if there is any change in apps data or something like that.

I tried this with my father, I gifted him a smartphone while in 2013 and after telling him a bit about how to use it, I left for my hostel. When I returned after some days I was surprised to see that my father learned about how to use WhatsApp, Skype, and many more apps. More surprised to see is that he helped mom to learn it.

4. Health-related applications

There are so many apps that are basically for health-conscious. We can make our parents use these apps so they can check themselves and stay healthy. My mom always uses these apps and this saves money too. Once they learned about it they can check it by themselves.


There can be different ways to make them use these things as it depends on how well they grab this thing and learn it. From my experience, my parents are eager to learn about mobile apps and technology and I am always available to help them.

We should not feel so proud of being born in the technology era, although we should focus on how well we can use this thing and how well we can help our parents to use mobile apps and their usage.

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