How To Prepare For NIFT?


Every year NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR FASHION AND TECHNOLOGY conducts an entrance test. Based on this test students get admission to the prestigious college. So, How to prepare for NIFT?

Approximately 22,000 students appear for the exam every year. However, only 7700 of them can get through the tricky entrance. Students from all around the country wish to get a seat in this college.

National Institute of Fashion and Technology has been established under the aegis of the Ministry of Textiles.

The students who incline the design and apparel industry sit for the exam to seek admission to their dream world. They all need to know How to Prepare for NIFT?

The entrance test is a combination of 2 tests

GAT (General Ability Test)

CAT (Creative Ability Test)

The first and foremost thing is to be fully aware of the syllabus. The syllabus gives a brief description of what shall come in the exam. Students should focus on key areas only.

Once the students are through with the syllabus they know what the key areas are!

CAT Pattern

This will test your intuitive ability, power of observation in concept development, design ability and creative and innovative use of colors and illustration skills.

As the name suggests, “Creativity” is the main criteria which one checks. Well, Creativity is A Benevolent Blessing isn’t it? Therefore, students must try to think original. The more out of the box they think, the more likely they are to crack through the exam. Innovation is the key to the Creative Ability Test.

GAT Pattern

The General Ability Test seeks to test the general aptitude and knowledge of the candidate. This paper has 5 sections Quantitative Ability, Communication Ability, English Comprehension, Analytical and Logical Ability, General Knowledge and Current Affairs.

The syllabus of this paper consists of all the important topics. These include general knowledge, English comprehension, quantitative aptitude, and static knowledge. It involves 100 questions that the students have to answer in 120 minutes. The paper is conducted in an offline mode.

One can ace this section by a consistent and dedicated approach.

Next is the Situation Test.

This test evaluates your material handling and innovative ability in a given situation with a specific set of materials.

Those who clear the written entrance exam can sit for the interview. The role of the interview is to check the suitability of the candidate for the course.

Moreover, the entrance to NIFT primarily aims to test the candidates’ creative thinking. Besides practicing, the students are advised to build their creativity and gauge their imaginative skills.

The preparation for the NIFT entrance can never be monotonous. This can be perceived as an advantage to the test- takers. You need to work on your sketching skills. However, it is equally important to build the skills along with keeping a tap on the watch. The skills would remain useless if you don’t know how to translate your creativity into the paper within the prescribed time.

Tips for the sketching section

Erasing, again and again, would not just waste the time, but also give an impression of confusion. It is, therefore, advisable to draw with a light hand. The students should first work upon the outline and then get into the in-depth details and dimensions.

Sketching turns out to be the most critical section. It is quite different as compared to other entrance exams. The students are advised to sketch each and everything that they think is important from the examination point of view.

Skimming through the previous year Papers could come handy in analyzing the trends and pattern of the same exam.

Students should first start with a simple logo or T-shirt designing and calligraphy. Gradually proceeding to detailed sketches of human face and scenes.

Try to keep your eraser away. This would help you to practice more, and would also help in building confidence. This comes handy while you sit for the final exam.

After all who will want to mess up the paper?

In the journey of How to prepare for NIFT? Practice a lot. The emphasis should remain on the word a lot because this is the only exam that requires the students to sketch. Sketching sounds to be an easy task. But when you have the pressure of drawing something unique in a stipulated time, it is very natural that the candidates become anxious. Hence, they end up performing below their expectations.

Another piece of advice is, the students should not ignore the general awareness section. You will have to mug up the basic facts. There is no escape to that.

The students should also keep their minds clear. Since the paper involves two tests, the students should not let the performance in the first test hamper the preparation for the second one. The mind is bound to be anxious. You need to be good at taming your thoughts if you wish to crack through the difficult exam.

Nothing worth having comes easy. Right?

If you wish to live a life that you have always wanted for yourself, dare to mold yourself in achieving the same. Dreams don’t work unless you do.

Remember that nothing is impossible and 8000 candidates can make through the tricky exam every year. They too are students like you! They are no magicians.

The only thing that enables them to walk into a life that they have imagined for themselves is dedication and perseverance. With this high dedication and perseverance, everyone can be the king of their dream castle.

Therefore, go through the tough phase, success will come your way! This is How to prepare for NIFT?

All the best to all the candidates!


  1. Just after 12th i was also thinking about taking admission in NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR FASHION AND TECHNOLOGY but now i got the real knowledge about the relevant things after reading this article.


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