What Is Child Abuse & How To Prevent It?


Child abuse is the physical maltreatment or sexual molestation of a child. The physical, emotional, sexual, psychological neglect of the child or children by the parents or caregiver. Child Abuse is one of the heinous crimes. How can you abuse a child?  The child is a gift of God. Innocent, Carefree and loving. Child abuse prevention is everyone’s responsibility.

Maltreatment and mishandling of a child can place in various forms. It can take forms of physical abuse, sexual abuse, negligence.


Various forms of child abuse

1. Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is the result of control, anxiety, and lack of parental warmth. Excess of anger towards the child, not like the child can take the form of physical abuse.

WHO (World Health Organization ) defines Physical abuse as the intentional use of force against the child that harms child health, development, and dignity. This includes beating, hitting, strangling, suffocating, etc.

2. Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual abuse is a kind of abuse in which an adult abuses a child for sexual stimulation. The forceful sexual activity carried out by the adult with the child for personal gratification and satisfaction or financial profit for the person committing it.

3. Psychological Abuse

Non-accidental acts by parents or caregiver that results in the psychological harm of the child.

4. Emotional Abuse

Activities such as bullying, teasing, rejection lead to emotional abuse.

5. Negligence

Childcare and protection are the duty of the parents. Negligence on their part to provide food, shelter, clothing, health can deteriorate the well-being and threatened them with harm.

Child abuse can take place anywhere. Child abuse takes place in schools, homes, other places. The cases of child abuse also happen in homes that are considered to be the safest place for a child. Child abuse at home is mainly done to punish children.

Some of the cases of child abuse include

A four-year child was tortured, tormented for 10 days by a man when her mother was not around.

Two bags with bodies of an 11-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl was found in a freezer during the investigation.

Child abuse can be a single incident or a repeated action done at regular intervals or over some time. Child abuse can occur with any gender be it Male or Female.

The daily reports and the increasing number of incidents of child abuse make a person go numb. The brutal way in which a child is treated is horrifying. The tortured images of children with injuries are a pain to the heart and eyes filled with tears.

Children are a victim of child abuse at school. The school is the temple of knowledge but behind the doors, some heinous crimes are committed.  Everyone in the education sector plays the role of keeping children safe but still, there are incidents of maltreatment.

You all must have come across videos and messages being circulated on platforms like Whatsapp where the teacher can be seen beating the child brutally, torturing, threatening. By seeing those videos you can imagine the condition in which the child is living. Parents send their students to school to learn. But, they can’t know that their child may be a victim of child abuse at the hands of the teacher.

                        Ways for child abuse prevention

1. Background check

Check the background of the school before admitting your child to that school. Does the school hold any record of child abuse or not.

2. Teach your child about good and bad touch

Teach your child about good and bad touch. Tell him/her to tell you about everything and if such a case ever happens to report to you and not to hide it.

3. Strict Guidelines

 Give strict guidelines to all the workers of the school not to indulge in beating or any sort of activities. Take strict actions against them.

4. Say NO to ragging

‘Teachers must take care that the students are not bullied or a victim of ragging by other fellow students.

5. Parents should control anger

Parents should refrain from beating a child even if the child has committed some mistakes. Control your anger.

6. Keep an eye

Keep an eye on your relatives as your child can be a victim of sexual abuse by one of them. Identify their actions and intentions. If your child is afraid or wants to tell you something, give an indication about any such member, try to learn it could be something serious.

7. Safe environment

Give your child a tension-free, safe environment. Take proper care of their health and keep them away from stress. Couples should not fight in front of the children.

Child abuse is a serious issue in our country and any other country. We need to protect the future of our country from such heinous crimes.

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