How Can Summer Holidays Be Utilized By Students?

Summer Holidays - Fun & Learn!

Students, fed up with studies day and night? Lectures, assignments, DIY, ppts, projects, practical files…jann le rekhi hei sabne. Chhuti aayegi koi to homework itna saara mil jayega ki chhuti ka matlab he khatam ho jata hei. Enjoy karein bhi to kaise karein?

To avoid such boredom, every student waits for the summer vacation. See guys! Summer vacations are to do enjoyment and take rest. But at the same time with so much cut throat competition, one has to keep on learning new things and skills. So, students, today we are going to tell you how to utilize your summer holidays?

Firstly, keep in mind the duration of summer holidays before start making any plans. 

You should enjoy holidays and utilize it for future. 

So, how can we utilize Summer Holidays?


Plan few days for a tour. Visit new places and explore the destination. Learn new culture, environment.

Join hobby classes

You can join classes of your interest like music, painting, vocal instruments, arts and craft, paper cutting etc.

Communication skills

Those who feel weak in verbal and written communication can enhance their skills by joining some communication skills  course. It will help you boost up your confidence to write and speak well.

Content Writing

Students who have flair of writing can joint this course to get abreast of latest techniques of writing, formats, styles etc.

Personality classes

Wherever you go, your personality makes an impact on the other person. The way you speak, stand, walk, sit, communicate etc. leaves an impression on the other person. This will impart knowledge on body gestures. It will help you build your confidence to take part in co-curricular activities in the school as well.

English Classes

In current scenario, education is imparted in English medium. With MNC culture, one has to cross the national boundaries in search of jobs. So, one must be proficient in English to do job across the globe. It will help you in clearing competitive exams as well.

Computer Classes

Nothing is possible without technology these days. Covid has made everything online. You must have knowledge of how to use laptops and printers, make a word document, presentations, mathematical formulas in excel etc. Learn basics of computer in vacations.

Coaching classes

By tenth / twelfth class, every student is well aware of his ambition regarding career. So, take coaching classes of stream that you want to pursue further. It will increase your knowledge.

GK/Reasoning classes

If you are going to sit in a competition, taking classes of General Knowledge/Reasoning/Mathematics will help you a lot. This is a good time to improve your GK.

Mass Media Course

Today’s generation has very much inclination towards media industry. You can join courses of Radio Jockey, journalism, anchor, correspondent, editor etc.

Social Media Marketing

No one has been spared of social media. Social media related jobs are very much in trend these days. Students interested in social media can join this course and get familiar to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogging etc.

Learn Computer languages

Those who want to build career in IT sector can learn computer languages in trend like Python, C, C++, Java etc.

Lean any other language

Translators are very much in demand these days. Moreover, if you are planning to get a job in some other country, learning Japanese, French, Chinese or any other language will help you.

Join Sports Academy

In past, there was a saying.” Padoge likhoge to banoge nawab, kheloge kudoge to hoge kharab”. Now this concept has been changed with times. Many sports persons are choosing  sports as a career and  getting recognition, status, money through it. If you want to make a career in sports, join any sports academy.

Focus on your health

Whole year, you were stuck indoors juggling between school and tuitions. With no physical activity, mote ho gaye. Now, this is the right time to learn yoga, swimming, cycling, breathing exercises, meditation to keep yourself fit and fine. Join a gym, start doing walk or any other physical activity you like. It will keep you mentally, physically as well as emotionally healthy.

The above mentioned activities not only fulfill your interest as a hobby but help in building your career as well.

Inn sab ke bavzud, don’t forget to visit your grandparents/ relatives.

Do you remember when you met them last time?

Long long back!

You can plan to visit your Dada, Nani, Bua, Mausi or any relatives and can have fun. Dadi, Nani k pass baith k kahaniyaan sunne ka maza apna he hei.

So, Let’s have fun plus learning, grooming and knowledge this summer!

Want to do something this summer? learn a course which may help you. Get your personalized learning. Connect us!



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