Job Search Techniques Decoded


If you are here, you must be inquiring about how to search for a job either for you or someone else.


Then you must be interested to know how to search for a job. Right? So, here we go!

Looking for the right job can be a mind-boggling situation. It can be another job in itself. It’s okay, do not stress yourself. Edu4SureRecruit provides you a comprehensive and detailed guide to make your process easy. However, the most important thing before we discuss how to search job is to ensure that it aligns with your individual goals.

With the millennial generation entering the workforce, finding a purpose in their job is as important as the salary that gets credited in your bank account. We will help you take your decisions judiciously. There are steps you must follow while looking for a job.

Given below is the process you can adhere to find the correct job

1. Prepare yourself

  • Decide an area of interest

Most importantly, your top priority should involve identifying where your interest lies. Do not settle for something that you are not passionate about. If a fish is made to climb a ladder, it will fail!

  • Choose the position you want to apply for

You need to look at your qualifications before you apply for a job. For instance, if you are a high school graduate, look for jobs that do not require any sort of qualifications, working for BPO services can be a great option in this case.

Similarly, for graduates, look for entry-level jobs. It will mostly include associate-level positions and many organizations would even consider internship programs

Also, for people with work experience, it will depend on whether you wish to continue in the same domain or shift your domain. In the case of the former, you may expect a higher position. However, in the latter, your position will be the same or lower as compared to your level in your previous organization

  • Identify your target area and companies

After deciding your area of interest and the position you are likely to apply, it is time for you to make a list of the industries and the dream companies you would like to work for. It will bring clarity of thoughts. That is to say, it is suggested to not be rigid with this list and try to make use of any opportunity that comes your way.

  • Research broadly

Do a detailed research about the job requirements, the industry (what is its future) and every company that you are targeting. All interviewers like it when you have done your homework. Moreover, doing this diligently will improve your chances to back the targeted job

  • Build your resume and cover letter

Your resume and cover letter will be the first thing that reaches your prospective employer. Remember the saying, “The first impression is the last impression”. Well, it may not be true in all cases but it makes a huge impact. Make sure you tweak your resume and cover letter according to the job you apply for.

Do not write anything false. Make sure it does not contain any grammatical errors and written in simple language. Highlight your strengths. Keep your resume brief and to the point. No one likes to read long stories while going through resumes. Also, this is the most crucial aspect to be covered before reading about how to search for a job.

  • Build up your basic interview skills

An interview is a make or breaks so make sure you are prepared. While you search for your job look at the expectations that they have from you. Highlight these things in your interview.

  • Enroll inside courses that will help you improve your skill sets

Further, keep learning to build your skills. It can be anything that you have an interest in towards. Be it excel or cooking, choose from the vast variety that is available to you. It will not only increase your chance of being selected but you would also come across job opportunities that specifically require such course skills.

For example- if you are a graphic designer and take a side course on photoshop, you may land up an opportunity in the editing and media houses because of the connections the training institute has.

  • Apply for the job

There are four broad ways to apply for a job. Let’s look at it one by one

  • Online Job Search

We are practically living in the digital era. Looking for a job online is one of the best methods. You will have a vast variety of options to choose from. You need to keep in mind that the job applicants are high, therefore the competition is high and the conversion rate is low. Make sure you prepare yourself for such jobs. Few ways to look for a job are

2. Job Search Apps and website

From google to Naukri, there are numerous websites to post job openings for India. Make sure you don’t stick to national websites like Shine and Inside IIM but also look at international sites like Indeed or Career Builder. Now we will look at each of the top websites one by one


This site has an aggregated database; it removes the hassle of going to multiple websites. This only provides detail of job listings with no additional resources.


More than a job search portal LinkedIn is a networking tool between employers, companies, employees, and peers. Therefore, most people are already on the site. It helps you build your resume on the site itself and attracts people through your skills and mutual connections. Because LinkedIn isn’t a job site in the traditional sense, it’s not a very easy place to find jobs. Companies aren’t always willing to list openings on LinkedIn for fear that it will damage their reputation. This means you have to do a lot more digging.


If you are looking for a portal that specializes in Indian industries then this is the place for you. It is one of the oldest but is also developing rapidly. You will find job opportunities for all levels and all professions. It is suitable for anybody looking for a job in India.


Glassdoor is more of a career- community. Its USP is workplace transparency.  Not only does it bring the job seekers and applicants together but it also provides a platform for users to review each workplace. While looking for a job you can also look at the general perception that the company entails for the view of its employees.


It is a well-known international website for jobseekers highly used by Indian citizens. This website has a wide variety of options to choose from. The downside to this is that there are high chances of false claims with a lot of spams and redundancy.

IIM Jobs

IIMjobs is another well-known website in our country. It is an authentic website and caters to the most high-profile job. It is best suitable if you are an experienced person or have high qualifications.

Since we have got a brief of each website, we need to see the suitability of each job portal. 


You need to look at websites that have a high number of job providers. This will increase competition from the job seekers’ side. They will try to provide you with the best possible package. Websites like Jobstagram, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Naukri are the best options. Other options, if you are from an unpopular college, are shine, WisdomJobs, and TimesJobs


In case you have no college dropout or just a high- school, you need not worry. You still have job options in hand. Working in a BPO or call- Centre is a great option. It is very high in demand. Jobstagram, Shine, Indeed, Quikr, Monster, and  Timesjobs. These are some of the websites wherein you will find a suitable job for yourself.         

Working Professional

If you fall into this category, congratulations! You are high in demand. Landing an interview may not be a difficult task. Using filtered websites like IIMJobs or even Indeed will be the right place for you.

Word of caution

Do not forget, all the jobs listed on these websites are not legitimate, make sure that job which you want to apply for has a website and contact these job seekers before putting your efforts further

  • Company career page– If you have a particular company in mind, go to their website and apply through their website. If you find the position apply even if they are not currently hiring. This will show interest and the company will keep your resume in the pipeline in case they look forward to hiring people in the future.
  • Usage of college website in case of opportunities – If you are from a reputed college, you can always contact the placement committee through the college website. Most colleges are helpful and they can get you in touch with various companies who come for campus placements.

3. Leveraging contacts

  • Use your existing network

I am sure most of you reading this article are on Facebook or Instagram. Make the most of your loose connections. Look for people who are already placed at different companies. Connect with them and request them to recommend you. This can be beneficial to both your friend and you. Even companies look to hire through referrals since they build trust with their existing employees. Don’t hesitate to take help.

  • Build your network further

Broaden your horizon by asking help from wherever you can. Ask your friends to use their connections as well. These are little things that can go a long way. Use LinkedIn in the best way you can. Connect to as many people whom you have come across places like your school or college. See if anyone can help you find your right job. 

Read more about LinkedIn and networking here – 3 Reasons to Start Using LinkedIn?

  • Recruiting agencies

Finding work through a recruitment agency can be an optimal choice part if you are difficulties in looking for a job. It is also because they are paid to do so and actively look for various job opportunities. They can lighten up your burden. However, while there are big positives, do be aware that temp work sourced by recruitment agencies can often involve a whole lot of licking envelopes for minimum wage, and nothing more inspiring.

Agency work for students can be poorly paid, often pretty boring and (depending on the job) lacks long-term security and prospects. Manpower Job Placement Consultants, Kelly Services India, and TVS Allegis Job Placement Consultants are some of the leading recruiting agencies. They mostly find the right kind of jobs offering a decent salary.

4. Following opportunities and other leads

  • Job Fairs

If during the time of your job search you come across a career or a job fair, please do take an opportunity to visit. You can the opportunity to directly meet the employers and create an impression. You can google search thee job fairs and find the ones that will happen near you and go for it!

  • Newspaper Findings

Most of us in our households have newspaper subscriptions. Along with the news, there are advertisements for various job vacancies. In case you do not have a subscription, subscribe not only for jobs but also to increase knowledge on current affairs. Times of India, The Hindu and Mint are some of the best-known newspapers. Keep track of the job postings. If you find a job that matches the position you are looking for, you can always apply.

  • Door to door Policy

In case you want to make an impression, do visit the company offices. Try to speak to people over there. Ask about any job openings or about any vacancy you had seen in an advertisement. You might get a chance to meet the employer and convert your call.

  • Internships

An internship is a period of work experience offered by an organization for a limited period. It gets you experience, acts as a resume enhancer and gets you the opportunity to build your network. Even if it is unpaid and can be that you are made to do menial work. Make sure that you work diligently and convert it into a job offer.

Internships are easier to convert as the employer need not pay a lump-sum amount to get the work done. It can be a great pathway to your dream job. You can use your contacts or apply them through portals like internshala. Do you know about some Perks Of Doing Internships?

5. Follow up

It is important to make look at these options further and keep a track of where all are you applying. It is best to make an excel sheet to make an organized list of all your applications. Keep updating with the follow-ups. In case you have not got any reply, send them a follow-up mail. Prioritize your job application and work accordingly. See the option that works for you and leverage that channel by making full use of it. 

6. Do Not Get Demotivated

You need to understand that there is a fit for each and everyone out there. In case you are rejected, it does not mean that you are not good but just that you are not the right fit. Don’t lose hope and continue to search. Use a mix of all the methods that are mentioned above and you will find the right job.

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