HR Analytics – Power BI

S No.ModuleSub ModuleTopic
1Decoding HR Analytics Introduction To HR Analytics
   How Does HR Analytics Work
   HR Verticals Where HR Analytics Can Be Used
   Setting-Up HR Analytics
   Benefits Of HR Analytics
   HR Data
   HR Metrics
   Data Analysis & Visualization
2Statistics In HR Introduction To Statistics
   Statistics Usage In HR Analytics
3HR Analytics through Power BI1. Power BI IntroductionPower BI Overview
   Power BI Versions
   Power BI Download
   Why Power BI & How Does It Work?
   Who Is The Market Leader? Power BI Or Tableau?
   Power BI - The Most Important Faqs
  2. Power BI EnvironmentData, Model, Visualization, Menu, Tools
  3. Loading DataData Introduction: HR Data Of An IT Company
   Get Data & Making Data Power BI Friendly
  4. Basic VisualsFirst Visual: Which Chunk Does Maximum Overtime?
   Stacked Bar Chart: Male - Female Ratio
Row Card & Multi Row Card: Keep An Eye On Headcount & Attrition
   Slicer: Use Custom Filter
   Donut Chart: Travel Frequency
   Pie Chart: Qualification Check
   Ask A Question: Quick Insights In Multiple Parameters
   Line Chart: Attrition Forecasting
Treemap Over Pie Chart: Find Out The Most Effective Age Group
   Table Vs Matrix: Employees' Demographics
   Funnel Chart: Which Age Group Is Highly Satisfied?
  5 Custom VisualsScroller: Yearly Attrition Rate
   Infographic Designer: Attrition Movement
   Multi Dimensional Slicer: Multiple Filters
   Arria: Quick Dynamic Report
   Word Cloud
   Predictive Analysis: Who May Quit?
  6 TooltipTooltip
  7 Designing a ReportButton, Bookmark & Selection Pane
  8 Publish to webSave & Publish
  9 Designing a DashboardPin Tiles, Add Text Box, Dashboard Theme
  10. Cloud FeaturesEdit Report
   Export To Powerpoint & Pdf
   Embed Code Generation Setting
   Manage Permissions & Content Pack
   Mail Subscription
   Quick Insights
4Case Studies Credit Suisse - Saving Money By Predicting Who Will Quit
   Best Buy - Relating Store Income With Engagement
   Experian - Getting Ahead Of Employee Attrition
   FMCG Retailer - Testing Employee Training Effectiveness
   E.On - Tackling Employee Absence
   Cisco - Opening A New Office
   Rolls Royce - Improving The Assessment Process
5Capstone Project DIY - Project For 2 Weeks
   Practice Material
6Bonus Content Get All The Updates Free Of Cost
   51 HR Metrics Cheat Sheet

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