HR Analytics Course

S No. Module Sub Module Topic
1 Decoding HR Analytics   Introduction To HR Analytics
      How Does HR Analytics Work
      HR Verticals Where HR Analytics Can Be Used
      Setting-Up HR Analytics
      Benefits Of HR Analytics
      HR Data
      HR Metrics
      Data Analysis & Visualization
2 Statistics In HR   Introduction To Statistics
      Statistics Usage In HR Analytics
3 HR Analytics through Power BI 1. Power BI Introduction Power BI Overview
      Power BI Versions
      Power BI Download
      Why Power BI & How Does It Work?
      Who Is The Market Leader? Power BI Or Tableau?
      Power BI - The Most Important Faqs
    2. Power BI Environment Data, Model, Visualization, Menu, Tools
    3. Loading Data Data Introduction: HR Data Of An IT Company
      Get Data & Making Data Power BI Friendly
    4. Basic Visuals First Visual: Which Chunk Does Maximum Overtime?
      Stacked Bar Chart: Male - Female Ratio
Row Card & Multi Row Card: Keep An Eye On Headcount & Attrition
      Slicer: Use Custom Filter
      Donut Chart: Travel Frequency
      Pie Chart: Qualification Check
      Ask A Question: Quick Insights In Multiple Parameters
      Line Chart: Attrition Forecasting
Treemap Over Pie Chart: Find Out The Most Effective Age Group
      Table Vs Matrix: Employees' Demographics
      Funnel Chart: Which Age Group Is Highly Satisfied?
    5 Custom Visuals Scroller: Yearly Attrition Rate
      Infographic Designer: Attrition Movement
      Multi Dimensional Slicer: Multiple Filters
      Arria: Quick Dynamic Report
      Word Cloud
      Predictive Analysis: Who May Quit?
    6 Tooltip Tooltip
    7 Designing a Report Button, Bookmark & Selection Pane
    8 Publish to web Save & Publish
    9 Designing a Dashboard Pin Tiles, Add Text Box, Dashboard Theme
    10. Cloud Features Edit Report
      Export To Powerpoint & Pdf
      Embed Code Generation Setting
      Manage Permissions & Content Pack
      Mail Subscription
      Quick Insights
4 Case Studies   Credit Suisse - Saving Money By Predicting Who Will Quit
      Best Buy - Relating Store Income With Engagement
      Experian - Getting Ahead Of Employee Attrition
      FMCG Retailer - Testing Employee Training Effectiveness
      E.On - Tackling Employee Absence
      Cisco - Opening A New Office
      Rolls Royce - Improving The Assessment Process
5 Capstone Project   DIY - Project For 2 Weeks
      Practice Material
6 Bonus Content   Get All The Updates Free Of Cost
      51 HR Metrics Cheat Sheet

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