Hybrid – Self-paced & Doubt Sessions

As we make Self-paced recorded sessions, we make everything simple for our learners by using a step-by-step approach.

Recorded Sessions + 1 to 1 Doubt Sessions – We have an option that if you choose recorded sessions (Self-paced Learning), you can take doubt sessions by paying extra later. In our experience, usually, a learner does not take a doubt session because all videos are very much comprehensive. A learner can easily learn it by watching it.

Still, if a learner believes s/he may require a doubt session, s/he can book the trainer by paying an additional fee. The additional fee depends upon the course to course.

Moreover, you can watch videos at any number of times. There is No limit. Watch, practice, Implement & Get Assessment & Certificate at the same cost. There is no extra fee for re-assessment/ certificate.

To check more details of Live Sessions, you can refer to Certificate Courses or e-Mail at partner@edu4sure.com / call at +91-95.5511.5533